Steffy Liam and Douglas Bold and Beautiful

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At the cliff house, Douglas insists to Liam that he can take him to Beth. Liam continues to say it’s impossible since Beth’s in heaven. Steffy appears and Douglas updates her they were talking about Baby Beth. The boy goes into the girls’ room and Liam tells Steffy that her nephew was adamant that Beth is alive. douglas looks at baby beth on bold and beautifulThey can’t imagine why he’d say it. Liam says it was too much for Hope. In the bedroom, Douglas watches Phoebe in her crib while flashing to his father’s warning. He whispers, “I know you’re Beth.” In the living room, Liam informs Steffy that the boy claimed he could take him to Beth. They puzzle until Liam asks, “Where’s Douglas?” He enters the bedroom and Douglas tells him Phoebe is Baby Beth. Liam breathes faster as he contemplates the revelation.

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In their hotel suite, Thomas’ phone rings. Hope pulls away from him and suggests he answer in case it’s about Douglas. Thomas just wants to be with his wife – and continues with the groping and kissing.Thomas Hope at hotel Bold and Beautiful Hope stops him again – she knows he has expectations… Thomas reminds her he’s her husband and urges her to get out of her head – this is torture for him. He asks what she’s thinking about. Hope thinks he knows – it’s Liam. She appreciates all Thomas has done, especially bringing Douglas into her life. Thomas interrupts, “Can we not talk about Douglas!” He backtracks but is frustrated he can’t have a conversation with Hope without it becoming about Douglas. Thomas wants her so much it hurts and takes her into his arms again. Hope extracts herself again and mentions Beth. Thomas insists she can’t keep doing this and says her daughter’s gone and isn’t coming back.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Katie and Donna debate Hope’s marriage to Thomas. Brooke’s disappointed she couldn’t get through to her daughter, Donna respects Hope’s devotion to the children, and Katie worries about Thomas’ expectations. Brooke repeats Hope should never have married him.Flo, Brooke and Donna worry Bold and Beautiful Flo appears and says, “I agree. For so many reasons.” Katie wonders if she knows something they don’t, but Brooke says she just cares about Hope. They go over how Hope was robbed of her life with Liam and Brooke learns Thomas whisked Hope to a hotel. They agree the marriage seems doomed, then talk turns to Phoebe calling Hope ‘Mama’ during the wedding and the connection between them after the loss of Beth. The conversation swings back to Thomas and Flo learns he has a history of instabilities and set Brooke’s son’s house on fire. That’s why Brooke’s so concerned for her daughter. Flo hears more about Thomas and decides she can’t take it anymore – she storms out.

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