Douglas repeats Beth is alive Bold and Beautiful

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At the cliff house, Douglas tells Hope and Liam that Beth is alive. In the baby’s room, Thomas is anxious to get back to Douglas when Steffy observes he and Hope don’t exactly look like newlyweds. She’s happy to watch Douglas for the weekend but thinks Thomas should be honest with himself about his son being a big reason they got married. She warns Thomas to follow Hope’s lead and be patient. In the living room, Douglas repeats that Beth is alive. Liam asks, “Like your mommy is still alive in your heart?” Douglas says no, his mommy died, but Baby Beth is still alive. Douglas upsets Hope Bold and BeautifulWhen he repeats it again, Hope cries, “Can you please stop saying that?” Distraught, Hope heads outside. Douglas tells Liam, “I thought she’d be happy.” Thomas and Steffy appear. Liam informs Thomas that Hope’s waiting in the car. Thomas takes Douglas aside and warns him again to keep quiet as Liam watches. Later, Douglas asks Steffy about Phoebe being adopted as Liam listens in. The boy wonders, “Do you know who her mommy was before?” Steffy does, but it isn’t something they talk about. Steffy goes to the girls, and Liam questions Douglas as to why he told Hope their baby is alive. Douglas replies, “She is.” Liam feels if that were true, he’d be able to show him where she is, and he can’t do that. Douglas stuns him by countering, “Yes I can.”

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At Forrester Creations, Flo rants to Zoe about her regret in not telling Hope the truth at the wedding. She would have if Thomas hadn’t threatened her life. Zoe thinks she’s out of control, but Flo argues that’s Thomas.Zoe and Flo argue on Bold and Beautiful Zoe maintains Thomas isn’t the problem, it’s Flo freaking out. Flo goes on about Hope being generous and good and feels bad she’s stood by and watched her grieve a child she didn’t lose and allowed Thomas to manipulate things. Flo adds Hope doesn’t know what Thomas is capable of – someone needs to step up and tell her the truth. Zoe levels, “You’re not going to say anything to Hope.” They keep arguing. Zoe reminds Flo that Hope’s moved on and could be happy. Flo counters, “Not as happy as she could be if she knew the truth.” She adds they both know Hope doesn’t love Thomas.

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At their hotel, Hope tells Thomas the room is very nice. He says she’s beautiful and starts kissing her. Hope pulls away; she wants to take their time and talk for a while. Thomas wants her to put other things out of her mind and says, “I want you so much,” before kissing her again. Soon he’s shirtless and the kissing continues. Hope disengages and steps away; she’s not sure she’s ready. Thomas pulls her back to him. He wants to be with her and reminds her they’re married. Thomas asks her to trust him then kisses her more insistently.

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