Carter, Katie, Donna and Brooke await Hope's wedding Bold and Beautiful

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Upstairs at Brooke’s house, Thomas helps Douglas get ready for the wedding. Ridge joins them and references Taylor working for a human rights organization in Africa and not being able to make it. Thomas, Ridge and Douglas on wedding day Bold and BeautifulThomas wishes he had more support from Brooke and warns Ridge she needs to stop. In another room, Hope looks at a photo of Douglas and thinks. Brooke appears and asks why she’s not getting ready – if she’s having second thoughts, Brooke will take care of everything.

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Liam and Steffy await Hope's wedding on Bold and BeautifulAt the cliff house, Liam’s dressed for the wedding and helps Steffy with her zipper before telling her she looks beautiful. They reflect on taking the girls to their first wedding. Steffy’s well aware how Liam feels about it. Amelia appears and Steffy thanks her for getting the girls ready. Amelia heads to the car, and Steffy urges Liam to try being happy for Hope.

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At Brooke’s house, Thomas and Ridge chat with Pam, who thinks Stephanie’s looking down right now with a smile. Quinn and Eric arrive, followed by Steffy, Liam, Amelia, and the girls. The nanny takes the children outside while Steffy heads upstairs to help Hope. Meanwhile, Katie and Donna join Eric and Quinn, and Liam warns Thomas he’ll always be around and accuses him of playing on Hope’s broken heart to keep her vulnerable. Upstairs, Steffy hugs Hope and gushes about them being a big family, which causes Brooke to snap that she doesn’t have to marry Thomas to do that. Brooke exits and Steffy tells Hope she has a point; if her heart’s not in it, maybe she should call off the wedding. Hope recaps her sadness and has to move on – she and Thomas will co-parent Douglas. They cry-laugh about becoming sisters and hug. Downstairs, Brooke joins the others, where Carter has arrived to officiate. Eric muses about Steffy and Hope being so close. Quinn thinks they’re remarkable young women. Ridge takes Brooke aside, where she reiterates she’s not happy. Nearby, Liam complains to Carter about Thomas manipulating Hope, and Pam teases Donna about primping. Donna asks if Flo’s coming and Thomas loudly notes that like the rest of the Logan women, she disapproves of him. Eric wants to keep the negative energy at bay. Upstairs, Steffy tells Hope that Thomas is lucky to have her.Thomas and Liam face off on wedding day Bold and Beautiful Hope tears up – she’s emotional now – the one thing that gets her through is the children. Steffy’s proud to welcome her to her family. Hope asks Steffy to get her mom. Downstairs, everyone’s wondering at the bride’s delay. Steffy appears and sends Brooke up. Liam needles Thomas that things may not work out how he wants. In the bedroom, Brooke tells Hope it’s okay to call it off. Hope says, “Douglas needs me.” Brooke says the wedding is about being Thomas’ wife, not Douglas’ mother. She feels it will be the biggest mistake of her life and begs Hope not to marry Thomas.

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