Ghost scares Douglas on Bold and Beautiful
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In Brooke’s living room, Thomas, with Hope, informs Ridge and Brooke they’ll tell Douglas about the engagement tonight. Brooke makes a point of saying she’s surprised he hasn’t been asking given the proposal was his idea. Once alone, Brooke tells Ridge that her daughter is not in love with Thomas and complains he is using his son. Ridge is distraught she sees him that way. Brooke hates that he’s made her.Ridge, Brooke, Hope, and Thomas talk on Bold and Beautiful Upstairs, Douglas and Hope bond over stuffed animals before Thomas announces they have news that will make him happy. Douglas realizes she’s wearing her ring so is marrying his daddy. Hope confirms she’ll be his new mommy, then reminds him Caroline will always be his mommy too. Douglas looks forward to lots of hugs and hopes the wedding will be soon. Hope warns there are lots of details to work out. Thomas thinks about speeding things up – he hates to do it to Douglas, but they need to get this done. Downstairs, Hope rejoins Ridge and Brooke, who urges her daughter to go to the cabin.Brooke cautions Hope Bold and Beautiful Ridge thinks she’ll want to wait for Thomas and goes to get champagne. Brooke debates with Hope about her making a mistake and warns to wait to get married until the feelings are there. Brooke goes to call off the bubbly. Upstairs, Thomas sets a projection of a ghost on the wall, shakes his son, then disappears. Douglas wakes, sees it, and screams. Hope rushes to comfort him, followed by Thomas. Hope decides they need to be a family right away. Douglas calls her mommy. Thomas thinks to himself, “It worked. Hope Logan you will finally be mine.”

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Wyatt brings Flo dinner to the Forrester Creations design office. She informs him now that he’s back in her life she won’t let him go. They’re kissing when Sally looks in. She flashes to canoodling with Wyatt in the same office, then to their romantic moments. Flo spots Sally and Wyatt clears his throat awkwardly.Sally Wyatt kiss Bold and Beautiful Flo didn’t know she was still at work. Sally snarks she’s pretty much always there – no one to go home to except her houseplants. After declining an offer to share their food, Sally sends Flo to payroll to update her latest address. Sally then gives Flo an extra assignment. Once she’s gone, Wyatt wonders if Sally would also like to send Flo across town. Sally shrugs – can he blame a girl for wanting a little time with the one that got away? They rehash the reason they broke up. Sally will always regret allowing Thomas to come between them. She’s glad if Flo makes him happy, but still has feelings for him. Sally hasn’t forgotten how good they are together and thinks he hasn’t either. She kisses him.

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