Thomas behaves threateningly toward Zoe and Xander on Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Donna and Katie are stunned to hear Hope’s engaged to Thomas. Xander enters, looking for Thomas. Brooke shares the engagement news. Xander exits and whispers, “That bastard has to be stopped.” Inside, Donna and Katie ask how Brooke and Ridge are navigating the situation. Tiffany interrupts, then Brooke assures her sisters she and Ridge are fine.

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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope not to marry Thomas – he knows they’re still adjusting to being apart. Hope notes Liam seems to be adjusting just fine, maybe she needs that too. She muses maybe you only get one great love. Liam feels he’s a walking reminder of losing Beth. Hope says he’s the love of her life. He wants back in. Hope reminds him he slept with Steffy and has responsibilities to the girls, and Douglas gives her purpose. Liam cautions Hope not to rush into marriage with Thomas and promises he could never hate her.

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At the cliff house, Thomas wants to know why Steffy hasn’t locked down a commitment from Liam. Steffy scoffs – should Kelly give him a ring? Thomas takes a call from Zoe, who warns him about Xander. He disconnects and Steffy advises that having someone’s attention is different than having their love. Thomas is irritated.Thomas takes a call on Bold and Beautiful Ridge arrives and senses tension. Thomas snarks more about Steffy not pinning Liam down then leaves. Steffy tells Ridge he spoiled Thomas. Liam returns and Ridge questions him visiting Hope. Liam snaps that Thomas won’t marry Hope if he has anything to say about it. Steffy steps out and Ridge reminds Liam that Hope’s not his wife anymore. Liam rants about Thomas reeling Hope in using Douglas as bait. Ridge tells Liam he has a lot to learn about how father’s feel about their children.

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Zoe disconnects from Thomas in the Forrester studio and is joined by Xander who reports Thomas and Hope are engaged. He rants she’s about to throw away the rest of her life. Katie, Donna, Brooke discuss Hope on Bold and BeautifulIn the main office, Hope arrives to show her ring to her aunts. Donna suggests it may not be real and Katie asks if the engagement is. Brooke learns Liam knows, and rants that Thomas should hire an au pair to watch Douglas. Hope insists this is what she wants. Brooke pleads with her to reconsider. In the studio, Thomas hears Xander calling him Emma’s murderer. Thomas calls Emma’s death ‘fate’, but Xander knows he pulled over that night – he saw his GPS. Xander vows everyone will know. Thomas hollers that Emma was driving too fast. Zoe defends Thomas and Xander notes Thomas is using fear to control her too. Xander threatens to go to Ridge or the police. Thomas reminds him they could all go to prison. Xander would rather be in jail than watch Hope spend her life with Thomas. Zoe begs Xander not to do this.

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