Douglas talks to Thomas on Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Steffy hopes the girls wake up before the fireworks. Liam looks distracted. Steffy asks where he went. He was thinking about being at Hope’s the other day – if anyone was going to tell her they made love, it had to be him. Liam worries she’ll be more vulnerable. Steffy asks, “More vulnerable to what? My brother?” Later, Kelly and Phoebe are dressed in Fourth of July outfits and talk turns back to Thomas. Steffy knows he came on too strong with Hope but can’t blame him for wanting her to be part of Douglas’ life. Liam grumbles that Thomas wants Hope for himself and won’t let anything stand in his way. Steffy feels Liam’s making him sound obsessed. They agree to disagree about Hope and Thomas.

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At Brooke’s house, Thomas tells Hope that Douglas is looking forward to watching the fireworks with her. He brings up Liam being back with Steffy but Hope wants to focus on the holiday. Thomas credits Hope with giving his son courage and encourages Hope to let him know she loves him. Brooke and Ridge appear and Thomas heads upstairs. Hope reveals that Liam told her he and Steffy made love; they’re back together. Brooke holds Hope's hand on Bold and BeautifulShe appreciates him being honest but admits she’s jealous on some level. Upstairs, Douglas asks Thomas if he’ll ever see his mommy again. Thomas is sorry, she’s gone, but she told him if she ever went to heaven, she’d be happy if Douglas was happy. Thomas points out Douglas is happy with Hope and adds they’ll be a family, but he’ll need his help. He produces an engagement ring and explains he has to ask her to marry him. Thomas coaches Douglas to say, “Hope I want you to be my mommy,” and tells him the ring has special powers to make Hope happy. Thomas teaches Douglas to propose and swears him to secrecy that it was his idea. Later, Ridge and Brooke stand outside – he knows she’s worried about Hope, but thinks Liam is exactly where she needs him to be…with Steffy. It must make her a little bit happy for the kids. Brooke kisses him but doesn’t respond.

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Hope in cabin on Fourth of July Bold and BeautifulIn the cabin, Hope puts out Fourth of July snacks and responds to Thomas’ text that he and Douglas will be down soon. She steps out to watch the fireworks and flashes to telling Liam she was pregnant last year. Thomas and Douglas join her. Soon, Douglas pulls out the engagement ring and tells Hope he loves her before asking, “Will you be my mommy? Will you marry my daddy?”

Liam, Steffy, Kelly, Phoebe, Fourth of July Bold and BeautifulAt the cliff house, Liam notices the fireworks starting and remembers Hope telling him she was pregnant last year. Steffy and the girls join him. She acknowledges today must be bittersweet for him. When concedes it is but being there with the girls helps, especially Phoebe who is about Beth’s age…the love is the same. He tears up, “This little angel is my daughter now.”

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