Liam downs his drink on Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliff house, Thomas smirks as Liam downs his drink. Thomas flashes to spiking it. After, Steffy emerges from the bedroom and says Douglas fell asleep with the girls. She’s surprised when Liam suggests they party. He puts on music and swings Steffy around. Thomas observes to Hope, “Someone’s in a good mood.” In the kitchen, Liam enthuses to Steffy that they’ve been through the trenches together; he just loves her. Across the room, Hope tells Thomas that Liam’s not acting like himself, but Thomas suggests maybe this is what he’s like with Steffy. When Liam tries to persuade Hope to dance, she becomes frustrated, insists she doesn’t want to and asks, “What is wrong with you?” Hope hollers that she’s trying to act like she’s moving forward from losing her baby but it’s hard; she thought it would be hard for him too. Liam thinks they deserve to feel better. Thomas thinks they should go.Steffy Liam dance Bold and Beautiful Hope agrees, gets Douglas, and files out. Steffy, flustered, asks Liam for a moment with Thomas, who thinks it’s obvious they’re into each other. Steffy says, “Thomas stop.” Thomas goes on that Steffy should admit how much she loves Liam. Steffy sends him after Hope. Later, Steffy checks on Liam upstairs. He feels great and asks if the girls are still asleep. She nods and suggests he should sleep too. Liam says only if she lies down with him. He pulls her down onto the bed and says he loved today. Steffy muses he was the life of the party. Liam says she always gets him; she accepts all of him. He’s grateful to have her and the girls, who will bond them forever. Liam kisses Steffy, then asks, “What is wrong with me?” She says nothing and they kiss again, then passionately.

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Wyatt Flo move in Bold and BeautifulAt the beach house, Wyatt and Flo discuss her mother’s decision to return to Vegas. He’s certain his mom will be bummed about her best friend leaving. Flo explains she just wants to give her space and missed Vegas a bit. Wyatt’s concerned Flo may want to leave too, but she reassures him with a kiss. She recalls how they used to fantasize about what it would be like to live together. Wyatt says it doesn’t have to be a fantasy anymore. They make love on the sofa. Afterward, Wyatt tells Flo he wants her next to him every night and every morning – not many people get a second chance with their first love.

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At the cabin, Thomas acknowledges Hope was hurt by Liam’s actions. She says it was weird. Thomas remarks on him being all over Steffy. Hope clarifies that they’re just co-parenting. Thomas implies he doesn’t believe that.

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