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At Forrester Creations, Hope senses something is going on inside of Thomas and urges him to talk to her. Thomas remarks on her being so caring – it’s no wonder he and Douglas love her. Xander and Zoe enter. Xander asks if Hope’s okay and if she’s seen Phoebe lately. Thomas feels that’s none of his business and Zoe decides they should leave. They admire Hope’s dress, and when she goes to change, Thomas promises the duo his dream for the future will come true – if Xander keeps fighting him on this he’ll regret it.Xander, Xoe, Thomas and Hope at Forrester Creations on Bold and Beautiful Xander asks him to stop threatening them. Thomas isn’t threatening; he’s telling them how it’s going to be. Xander’s disgusted at Thomas not being honest with Hope and Liam. Zoe interjects that Thomas wants what’s best for everyone. Later, Hope thanks Thomas for the dress. Thomas cares about her and wants to be a family – when he wants something he goes after it, and he wants her. Hope’s not ready to make promises. Thomas insists she will be; she needs to let go.

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At the cliff house, Steffy realizes it’s an emotional moment for Flo, seeing the little girl she gave up for adoption. She never wants to keep Phoebe away from her and thanks her for bringing her into their lives. Wyatt wants to hold the baby, so Liam hands her over. Liam passes Phoebe to Wyatt Bold and BeautifulSteffy marvels at Phoebe’s birth mother being a Logan – she can see the resemblance. Flo sighs, “Phoebe is definitely a Logan.” The visit wraps up with Liam and Wyatt joking, and Liam assuring Flo he’ll raise Phoebe like she’s his own daughter. After, Steffy and Liam reflect that Flo will always be a part of Phoebe’s life. They banter about the wifi signal; Steffy enjoys having him there. She wonders if he’s thinking about Hope. Liam loves being there but is still concerned about Thomas – he doesn’t trust him and wishes Hope wouldn’t either.

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In Flo’s room at the Forrester mansion, she doesn’t want to talk about Phoebe with Wyatt – there are other things they could be doing. They kiss as she says her life is amazing right now because he came back in. After sex, Flo worries about losing this life. Wyatt says it’s not going to happen.

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In the Forrester Creations studio, Emma flashes through her memories there and continues cataloguing dresses. She overhears Zoe and Xander arrive and frowns as Zoe tells Xander they have to let this go and forget the truth about Beth. Xander and Zoe debate Bold and BeautifulXander alludes to what Zoe’s father did – it was horrible. If Liam and Hope knew the truth, they’d have their family. They argue about how to come clean. Xander thinks Reese should tell them what he did with their precious baby girl. Emma shows herself and demands to know if it’s true. Xander confirms, “Hope’s baby is alive.”

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