Hope and Liam kiss on Bold and Beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Xander can’t understand how Zoe has let this happen – Steffy’s raising Hope and Liam’s baby and they have no idea! They rehash Reese’s reasons for doing what he did. Xander asks how long she’s known, and how she could keep this from Hope – how could she let her believe her baby is dead? Zoe talks about Flo being a victim, who helped her father before she evenXander pleads with Zoe on Bold and Beautiful realized what she was getting herself into. Xander learns Reese switched Beth with a stillborn baby on Catalina. Zoe warns her boyfriend no one can ever find out – especially not Hope and Liam – she could go to jail along with Flo and her father. She feels the child couldn’t ask for a better mother than Steffy. Xander asks, “How about the mother who gave birth to her?” He states it’s time to clean – the truth has to come out…now!

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At the cabin, Hope thanks Liam for planning their last night together. Liam reiterates he doesn’t want this. Hope doesn’t either – she wants what they lost, but that’s not possible. She loves him, but his place isn’t there anymore. Liam remarks on how selfless she is; he admires what she’s doing even though it’s painful. Hope calls what she’s doing a sacrifice, but says it gives her peace to know the children will have what they need. Beth made her a mother – she’ll always be a mother. When Liam offers more wine, Hope tells him he shouldn’t stay there tonight – this is goodbye. Liam understands and mentions going to Wyatt’s. Hope suggests he go to Steffy’s place – she said he’s always welcome. Liam tells Hope they’ll always be family. Hope will carry him with her forever.Hope removes her wedding ring on Bold and Beautiful She feels Catalina is where everything changed. Liam says, “Not our love for each other.” He’ll always believe they were meant to be. Hope wishes it didn’t have to be this way; she wanted to raise Beth together and maybe give her a brother or sister, but fate stepped in. They embrace. Hope says it’s time and urges him to be happy with the girls. Liam will still worry about Hope. She says, “It will always be you,” and returns his ring. They kiss goodbye.

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At the cliffhouse, Steffy and Thomas share a laugh about Douglas falling asleep while reading. They’re thrilled the kids will grow up together. Thomas switches gears and urges Steffy to reunite with Liam. Steffy reminds her brother the decisions about her love life won’t be made by him and Hope. Thomas insists the future is there – she should reach out and grab it. He suggests Steffy call Liam later to check in. Steffy reveals Hope was by earlier to ask if Liam could stay there. Thomas is stoked, but Steffy cautions she doesn’t know what the future will bring. Thomas feels it’s only a matter of time and repeats this is where Liam belongs. Later, alone, Steffy flashes to happy memories of Liam.

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