Zoe flashes back on Bold and Beautiful
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Wyatt calls Flo from the cabin and worries to her about his brother, who’s in the shower. After, Liam tells Wyatt that he’s realized he is the one who has been hurting Hope by holding onto the dream they had for so long. Wyatt thinks the whole thing is awful, but gives him a key to his house as staying at the crummy hotel’s not an option. Wyatt checks on Liam on Bold and BeautifulLiam thanks him, then asks his brother to leave. There’s something he wants to do for Hope. He wants to give their marriage a more dignified end than their daughter had. Talk turns to Bill being strangely happy these days. Wyatt reveals he’s been happy too and Liam learns he’s gotten close with Flo – he’s pleased for him. Wyatt wishes Liam and Hope could have had happiness with Beth.

Hope arrives at Steffy’s place and pushes the idea of her talking to Liam. She thinks Steffy should ask him to move in. Hope pressures Steffy on Bold and BeautifulSteffy wonders why Hope won’t try to get pregnant again – she can’t justify leaving a loving marriage. Phoebe cries and Steffy brings her out. Hope knows she’s doing the right thing because of what it will do for this amazing child. Steffy asks Hope not to end her marriage – Phoebe doesn’t need that kind of sacrifice. Hope needs to make up for failing Beth and trusts Steffy and Liam will figure it out. She tells Phoebe she’ll have the best daddy in the whole world.

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Zoe’s replaying an argument with Flo in her mind when Xander startles her with a kiss. He notes she’s always a thousand miles away these days; he loves her and is worried about her. Maya enters and announces Hope is ending her marriage. Xander asks if it’s mutual.Maya breaks bad news on Bold and Beautiful Maya says Brooke made it sound like it was coming from Hope. Zoe blurts, “Of course it is.” She then adds that she lost her baby. Maya reflects how she’d feel if she lost Lizzie. Flo arrives and Zoe tells her the news. Flo says she heard last night – it’s not right. The pair move to another office to go over the news and both wish they’d spoken up sooner. Zoe thinks they should leave town, but Flo loves her life there, especially now that she has Wyatt. Flo maintains that Hope and Liam wouldn’t be ending their marriage if they knew what they know. As Flo and Zoe discuss the ugliest thing they’ve ever done, Xander listens. Zoe mentions Hope and Liam’s daughter still being alive; it’s a story she’ll never tell, and neither will Flo. Flo exits and Xander confronts Zoe and demands she tell him where Hope and Liam’s little girl is.

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Hope arrives at home to find Liam’s cooked for her. He shows her the pressed olive leaves he saved from their Italian wedding and says she can change her mind. Hope never wanted this. Liam wants to honor everything they were tonight. They embrace.

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Xander confronts Flo and Zoe.

Throwback Thursday! On this day, May 30, 2014, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge crashed Bill and Brooke’s wedding in Abu Dhabi.