Flo Wyatt make love on Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Liam is texting Wyatt when Brooke comes in and admonishes that relationships can’t be treated like musical chairs – Liam must take control of this situation! Liam relays he was about to text Wyatt to sleep on his couch – Hope’s made up her mind. brooke tells liam to fight for hope on bold and beautifulBrooke tells him he needs to fight for his marriage and stop Thomas from manipulating Hope. Liam insists he doesn’t want to split up, but Hope won’t listen to him. Brooke warns her daughter’s bond with Douglas will only grow and once she’s committed, she won’t abandon the little boy. Liam declares life as he and Hope knew it ended when their baby died.

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In the cabin, Thomas tells Hope her selflessness is amazing and makes him love her even more. He knows her decision about her marriage must have hurt, but he believes they’ll be in perfect sync one day and will do anything to make it happen.thomas explains kiss to hope on bold and beautiful Hope vows to help Douglas – it’s her purpose now – but Thomas needs to understand that the man she loves, and will always love, is Liam. Later, Liam arrives, and updates Hope about his talk with Brooke. He isn’t sure what to do because he loves Hope and knows she loves him too. Hope cries that she needs to do this. Liam doesn’t understand, but gets that it’s what she wants. Hope says they have to take themselves out of it and do this for the children. Liam feels they can give the kids all they need without tearing themselves apart. Hope dreams about the life they’d have had with Beth, then it flips and becomes the nightmare of Catalina. Their lives would be so different if they had Beth. They gaze at the ultrasound photo and cry together.

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Upstairs in the Forrester mansion, Flo and Wyatt kiss passionately in bed as they prepare to make love. Flo can’t believe this is happening and they’re together again. She removes her bathing suit top and they kiss more. After sex, they talk about how amazing it was; this feels good, even better than they remember. Wyatt remarks on the good things happening in Flo’s life; he can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. She’s not sure about that and switches gears to how she never stopped thinking of him. Wyatt recalls she got pregnant, flo and wyatt talk after making love on bold and beautifuland wonders who fathered Phoebe. Flo notices Wyatt’s phone making noises, so he grabs it and learns about Hope ending her marriage to Liam. Flo becomes upset to the point Wyatt questions her being so invested. Flo just feels awful for them. Wyatt does too but would rather be in the moment with Flo. He calls her caring, loving and honest. Flo tries to be good, but everyone makes mistakes. Wyatt assumes she’s referring to giving up Phoebe and vows he won’t let anyone take her new life away from her.

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