Steffy Hope talk about Phoebe and Douglas Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliffhouse, Steffy marvels to Hope about Phoebe turning out to be a Logan…it makes sense they’ve bonded. When Steffy moves to take Phoebe for her nap, Hope offers to put her down instead. Steffy agrees, and thanks her afterward. Hope expresses how nice it’s been to hold Phoebe and sing to her – it means more to her than Steffy will ever know. She talks about pulling away from Phoebe and mothering Douglas – he may be the child she was meant to raise since she can’t raise her own. Hope feels a need to nurture Phoebe; the connection is so deep, and it’s not okay because Steffy’s her mother. Steffy suggests she and Liam try again or adopt, but Hope still thinks he should be raising the girls with Steffy. She reiterates she’s bonded with Douglas and has to start a new path. She pleads with Steffy to help her convince Liam it’s what’s best.

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Flo Wyatt Forrester mansion Bold and BeautifulWyatt arrives at the Forrester mansion and calls out for Quinn but finds Flo instead. She’s having a ‘pinch me’ moment about living there and explains his mother and Eric have gone to a spa for a few days. Wyatt’s pleased to spend time with Flo, who relays that Shauna’s gone to get her things from Vegas – they have the place to themselves. Over some flirtatious banter, Wyatt and Flo decide they’ll go to the pool. After admiring each other in swimwear, Flo once again revels in her new life and being with Wyatt again.

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Brooke and Ridge disagree on Bold and BeautifulAt Brooke’s place, she’s unimpressed by Ridge’s viewpoint that Hope and Liam’s marriage ending may be for the best…sometimes loving one another isn’t enough. Brooke wonders if someone’s gotten to him. Ridge thinks they’ve been in a bad place for a long time…maybe Hope moving on from the pain and that part of her life is the answer. Brooke protests that Hope’s feeling pressured right now, but Ridge counters that she should respect Hope’s decision. Brooke worries that Thomas is getting into her daughter’s head. Ridge reminds her they agreed not to fight about the kids. Brooke sniffs that he doesn’t seem to have sympathy for Hope. They debate why Hope should be a mother to Douglas. Ridge argues it was Hope’s idea and Brooke should respect that. He doesn’t think it would be a bad thing for Liam to work his way back to Steffy and the girls either. Brooke’s concerned this will break Hope, not heal her. She stresses, “Hope cannot end her marriage to Liam.”

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At Forrester Creations, Liam confronts Thomas, who won’t apologize for Hope finally doing the right thing, not only for herself but for the kids. Liam snarks about no one ever asking him what he wants as they continue to bicker. He warns Thomas that regardless of what happens with his marriage, Hope won’t end up with him. Thomas insists he’s not making her do anything she doesn’t want to do. Liam concedes her time with Douglas has been good for both of them, but Thomas shouldn’t get that twisted – she’ll never love him.

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