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Steffy steffy and liam talk end of his marriage on bold and beautifulemerges from putting the girls to sleep and is surprised to see Liam’s still at the cliffhouse. He just wants to be near his daughter and again reflects on Hope wanting to end their marriage. Liam blames Thomas and plans to let him know.

At the mansion, Brooke pleads with Hope not to break up her marriage and reminds that Phoebe is not Liam’s daughter. Hope wants to be available for Douglas and it would be easier if Liam went back to Steffy. Brooke argues the point. Hope grabs her keys and leaves.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge admits Hope’s drawn to Douglas and tells Thomas he gets where he’s coming from. Maybe she, Douglas and Hope would be good for each thomas lashes out at liam on bold and beautifulother, even though she and Liam are in love. Hope’s simply not happy, but Ridge fears Brooke won’t agree. After Ridge leaves, Thomas thinks back to spending time with Hope. Liam appears and chastises Thomas for the cheap tactics he used to get to Hope. Thomas is grateful to Hope for being there for Douglas and reminds Liam that Hope wants him with Steffy and the girls. Liam congratulates Thomas… Hope’s giving up their marriage. Thomas is happy and proud of Hope for putting the children first and insists Liam’s focus should be with Steffy and the girls – they’re his future.

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Ridge meets Brooke at the mansion. She relays Hope’s ending her marriage and blames Thomas. He apologizes for Hope’s heartache but Brooke can’t blame Thomas. They’ve been there for each other. Brooke believes Thomas has added to Hope’s pain and knows she’ll regret leaving Liam. She feels for Thomas but can’t allow Hope to become an instant mom for Douglas. Brooke orders Ridge to convince Thomas to prevent Hope from throwing away her marriage. Ridge doesn’t think they should stop Hope. Leaving Liam behind, and the loss of their child, might be exactly what she needs. In tears, Brooke’s stunned by Ridge’s words.

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Hope arrives at the cliffhouse and welcomes Steffy home. Talk turns to Liam and Hope ending her marriage. Steffy appreciates Hope’s intentions but urges her to stay with Liam – she loves him. Hope can’t confirm that she has feelings for Thomas but needs to be a mother to Douglas. It brings her peace. Steffy steffy talks to hope while she holds phoebe on bold and beautifulrespects Hope’s decision but it doesn’t mean her and Liam will get back together. When Phoebe cries, Hope longs to see her. Steffy leaves the room and returns with Phoebe. Hope takes Phoebe in her arms. Steffy can see their connection… Phoebe’s the same age Beth would have been, and Hope’s cousin gave birth to her… Hope jokes about Steffy raising a Logan. She’s so happy to understand the connection she shares with Phoebe and tells the baby how lucky she is to have Steffy raising her.

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