Katie loves Bill on Bold and Beautiful
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After kissing Bill in his bedroom, Shauna invites him to take it to the bed – they were good together before. Katie listens as Shauna tells Bill she cares about him. Bill assures Shauna that she’s a beautiful woman and there was a time he wouldn’t have to think twice about giving in to an adventure…but he can’t do this…he won’t do it. Katie tears up as he says, “I’m in love with my ex-wife. I want Katie, and I want my family back.”Shauna and Bill in the bedroom on Bold and Beautiful Bill goes on about how he’s been out of control most of his life. Now, his priorities have changed. He’ll do whatever it takes to get Katie back. Bill tells Shauna she’s a knock-out, but he doesn’t want to be that man anymore. He feels Katie’s one-in-a-million and rambles on about her. Shauna smiles; she’s glad to hear him say these things. Bill asserts he really has changed; he just wishes Katie could know how sincere he is. Downstairs, Shauna rejoins Katie. She’s happy for Katie and urges her to believe in Bill. “You’re a lucky woman.” Katie thanks her. After Shauna leaves,Katie loves Bill on Bold and Beautiful Bill comes downstairs. Katie says she saw the blonde leave, and Bill begins to protest. Katie insists he doesn’t have to explain and says she’s there to see him. Bill’s surprised when she pulls him into a kiss. Katie admits she was scared, but she’s not anymore. “I love you and I want to come home. I want our family back.” She suggests they let the past go and move forward. Katie trusts his love and his commitment. “I’m ready to be your wife.” Bill laughs in relief; that is everything he wants. He doesn’t know what convinced her, but he’s glad it did. Bill proclaims his love, welcomes her home, and they kiss passionately.

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Justin and Donna arrive at Brooke’s house after being summoned. Brooke explains that Katie’s done something and is not thinking clearly. She alludes to Bill being with another woman, but Justin insists Bill’s alone. Brooke clarifies that Katie sent Flo’s mom, Shauna, over to seduce him. Justin and Donna talk to Brooke on Bold and BeautifulJustin expresses disbelief as Donna marvels that Katie’s over there listening on speakerphone. Justin wants to go over there, but Donna stops him. Brooke worries…what if Bill’s feeling lonely and vulnerable. She hopes it doesn’t backfire. They agree they’ve all been rooting for Katie and Bill to reunite and were surprised she turned down his proposal. They laugh over Will’s efforts to get his parents back together. Donna asks Justin how he thinks Bill will react to Shauna. Justin hears about nothing but Katie, but still fears her plan could backfire. Brooke tries unsuccessfully to reach Katie and more speculation ensues. Justin concludes that whatever’s going on over there right now…that family is at stake.

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