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At Brooke’s place, she questions Katie about how she and Bill are getting along – she really thinks she should give him another chance. Katie wonders if he can be trusted. She muses that Bill and Shauna seemed close when she saw them together at Il Giardino. Before she can consider a future with Bill, she’ll need to speak with Shauna. Brooke asks for clarification. Katie hopes Shauna can help her with her situation.

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In the Forrester mansion, Shauna enthuses about moving in with Quinn and updates her friend that Flo was with Wyatt when she contacted her. When Flo arrives, Shauna announces they’re moving out of that dreary apartment and will be living at the Forrester estate. Flo is hesitant, so Shauna prompts her to thank Quinn for her generous invitation and say, “Yes.” Quinn relays that Eric is fine with it and gushes that she loves both of them and would like Flo and Wyatt to get back together. Flo reveals he asked her on a date. The mothers are tickled.Quinn Shauna and Flo in the Forrester estate on Bold and Beautiful Quinn implores Flo once again to agree to move in. She does. Quinn goes to tell Eric, and Shauna realizes Flo’s thinking about the secret again. She pleads with her to forget it and embrace this; things are so good. When Flo blurts that Hope’s baby is alive, Shauna shushes her – they made a pact. They’ve earned a shot at the good life. Shauna takes a call from Katie and agrees to come to Brooke’s.

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At Bill’s house, Will negotiates a raise in his allowance. Justin arrives and thanks Bill for letting him use the Ferrari for his niece, Emma’s, birthday.Will negotiates on Bold and Beautiful Bill invites him to hang out and sends Will to pack for the sleepover at his buddy’s house. Justin asks about Katie and Bill grumbles about her turning down his marriage proposal. Justin urges him not to give up. Bill laments not valuing the domestic bliss he and Katie had previously and makes noises about earning her trust again. After Will’s gone, Bill tells Justin he’ll walk the walk, but if Katie can’t get past him hurting her, he’ll have to move on with his life.

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At Brooke’s house, she asks Katie what she’s up to. Shauna arrives and shares her news about moving into Quinn and Eric’s estate. Katie broaches the topic of Bill wanting to reconcile and asks if anything is going on between them. Shauna reassures Katie there isn’t, and she can trust her. Katie has a favor to ask, and explains she’s been burned by Bill in the past. She knows he’s alone tonight and wants Shauna to test Bill’s resolve – whatever he does, that will be her answer. She asks Shauna if she will help prove if Bill is dedicated to his family…or not.

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