Wyatt confronts Sally on Bold and Beautiful
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At Brooke’s house, Thomas implores Hope to let Liam move on…they’ll move on together. He kisses her. Hope pulls away and exclaims, “Thomas!” He apologizes but reiterates that Liam needs to be with his sister – he and Douglas are there for Hope. Thomas goes on to say that Caroline knew how he felt about her and wanted Hope to take her place in Douglas’ life if anything ever happened to her. Hope doesn’t know what to say – Caroline was Liam’s cousin. Thomas insists she respected Liam’s marriage, but her son’s happiness comes first. Hope wants to be a part of Douglas’ life.Thomas kisses Hope on Bold and Beautiful Thomas relays that Douglas wants to help her the same ways she’s helped him. He knows she still wants to be a mother – she can be a mother to Douglas and have a family with him. Hope is moved by how much he cares. Thomas makes a speech about his reflections always leading back to Hope while he was with Caroline, and how Hope was selfless in urging Liam to be with Steffy and the girls. Thomas believes he, Hope, and Douglas can be happy together. Thomas understands she doesn’t feel the same way about him, but she’s the only one for him and Douglas. He urges Hope to tell Liam she has a new purpose in life. He recalls proposing in Cabo and reveals he kept the ring. Hope looks stunned and concerned as Thomas declares he’s totally committed to her and only her – they could have a beautiful life and family.

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Sally arrives at the beach house after receiving a message from Wyatt to hurry home. They address their argument at Forrester Creations, and Wyatt wants the truth. He knows Sally’s been keeping something from him. Sally concedes he’s right. Wyatt saw Thomas’ text to her and asks, “What doesn’t he want you to tell me?” Sally replies that Thomas told her he realized he’d never gotten over a certain woman – Thomas is in love with Hope. Wyatt questions Quinn seeing her in Thomas’ arms. Sally sighs…she was comforting him. Wyatt expounds on how wrong it is for Thomas to be pursuing a future with Hope – they’re talking about his brother’s wife.Wyatt questions Sally on Bold and Beautiful Sally promised Thomas she’d keep his secret before she knew what he’d say. Wyatt can’t believe she put her promise to Thomas before her loyalty to him – how could she do that? He wonders if she ever would have told him had he not seen the text and points out Liam trusts Thomas. Sally feels he just wants what’s best for his son and his nieces. Part of her understands why Thomas is pursuing Hope – Steffy’s girls need a dad and Douglas needs a mom – the situation could turn out to be what’s best for everyone. She insists this has nothing to do with their relationship and doesn’t want to lose him over it.

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