Sally's surprised by Quinn on Bold and Beautiful
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt marvels at how difficult things have been for Hope and Liam. Liam agrees it’s been hell – it means so much that Liam talks to Wyatt on Bold and Beautifulthey’ve been able to reconnect in the physical sense – Hope is looking to the future. Wyatt’s encouraged. Liam thanks his brother for his support. He’s happy to think Hope might be open to starting a family someday. Talk turns to Liam missing the girls and Steffy. He calls them every day but it’s not the same. Wyatt suggests it’s time to take a trip and assures him he and Sally will check on Hope.

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In the cabin, Hope watches the video of Kelly and says it’s heartbreaking that she misses Liam so much. Thomas thinks it’s clear – Kelly and Phoebe need their dad. He thinks Hope was right about where Liam belongs and asks, “Who needs him most?” Hope hears Phoebe in the background of the video and sighs…she misses her, she misses them both. Thomas asks her to keep Hope drawing from Thomas on Bold and Beautifulquiet about the video before saying Douglas has come to love her. Thomas says the girls need Liam and Douglas needs Hope. He pushes her to make Liam go to Paris. Liam arrives and senses Hope is off. She declares he must go be with Kelly and Phoebe; they need him. Hope insists she’s doing better, and Thomas interjects, “I’ll make sure she’s okay.” Liam learns the Forrester jet is heading there and finally agrees to go. Liam encourages Thomas to bring Douglas by and Thomas says she’s in good hands. After, Thomas smirks outside.

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Sally arrives at home to find Quinn there. She announces Sally’s taking a one-way trip out of her son’s life. Sally asks if she’s serious. Quinn recaps that Wyatt opened her home to her when she was down on her luck – but now she can afford a place of her own. She needs to leave today. Sally thinks if Wyatt wants her to move, she will go, but it’s not Quinn’s decision. She asks where this is coming from. Quinn doesn’t trust her and suggests Sally stop bleeding Wyatt dry and leave before he kicks her out – maybe find some dignity as well.Sally faces Quinn on Bold and Beautiful Sally doubts Wyatt has any intention of kicking her out – if anyone’s leaving it’s Quinn. Quinn calls her a con artist and fake who stole from the Forresters. Sally says they’ve forgiven her, and she thought Quinn had too. She has no idea where this is coming from, then realizes Quinn wants Wyatt with Flo. Quinn loves that couple but insists this is about Sally. Wyatt arrives. Sally declares that his mother is kicking her out of their home. Wyatt goes ballistic; he can’t believe this. Quinn rants about Sally stringing him along and hurting Wyatt with her choices. Wyatt bellows, “Mom, leave!” Quinn goes. Sally asks if it’s true he was hurt. Wyatt doesn’t want to discuss his mother. They embrace.

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