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At Forrester Creations, Thomas reiterates to Sally that Hope will be with him, whatever it takes. Sally, concerned about his emotional state, pulls him into a hug just as Quinn peeks in. After, Sally argues with Thomas about interfering in Hope and Liam’s marriage – they’ve gone through so much. Thomas counters that Douglas asked Hope to be his mother and feels Sally doesn’t understand because she doesn’t have children – his son needs a woman to care for him. Sally wonders how much of this he’s doing for Douglas, and how much for himself. She recalls when they were together, she felt she only had part of him – she thought it was because of Caroline, but now knows it was Hope.Sally warns Thomas in office on Bold and Beautiful Sally sees a childlike drawing Thomas made captioned, ‘I love you’. She realizes Thomas made Hope a drawing and will say it’s from Douglas. Thomas repeats that Hope belongs with him and Liam belongs with Steffy. Later, Thomas phones Paris and speaks to Steffy’s nanny, Amelia, (played by Nicola Posener), as Steffy and Taylor are out. He asks for a favor to secure his nieces’ future and return their father to them.

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At the cabin, Liam understands Hope can’t think about having another baby right now,Hope and Liam kiss on Bold and Beautiful but he needs her. They kiss. Hope worries if they are intimate, she could get pregnant. Liam promises there won’t be a baby until she’s ready. They make love on the sofa. After, Liam felt like it was their first time again. Hope giggles; it hasn’t been that long. They rehash their guilty feelings and reaffirm their love.

Quinn arrives at Spencer Publications and angrily informs Wyatt that Sally was cozying up to Thomas Forrester – she saw her in his arms. Wyatt learns Thomas and Sally will be working together. Quinn insists she won’t let him be played for a sucker. Wyatt reminds her Caroline recently passed away; Sally was probably being supportive. Quinn barks at him to open his eyes – Sally is not the girl for him, especially now that Flo’s in town. She urges Wyatt to be there for Flo and forget about his girlfriend. Quinn starts in on the horrible things Sally’s done – she shouldn’t be designing for Forrester. Wyatt protests – she’s talented. Quinn grimaces – she’s tacky. She suggests Wyatt have Sally move out so she can be with Thomas. Later, Liam arrives after getting a text from Wyatt and reveals he and Hope made love – he’s optimistic they’ve weathered the worst.

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Thomas delivers the drawing he made to Hope at the cabin. She’s moved and remarks on his good printing. Thomas hopes his love isn’t a burden. Hope reassures him. Thomas tells Hope she’s been a godsend to them both, then reveals he spoke to Amelia, who sent him a video of Kelly asking for her da-da. Hope watches, upset, as Thomas says those girls need Liam – he needs to go be with his family.

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