Quinn talks about Bill on Bold and Beautiful

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At Spencer Publications, Bill and Katie discuss Will – nothing makes Bill as proud as being a father. Katie knows how much his boys mean to him. Bill reflects on missing out on so much with Liam and Wyatt. He won’t speak ill of Liam’s mom since she’s dead, but he’ll always resent Quinn for keeping his son from him. Katie credits Quinn for doing a good job raising Wyatt. Bill reveals he has some paperwork for Quinn to sign, confirming he has no financial obligations to her – he should have done it when he first met Wyatt. Before leaving for Forrester, Bill asks Katie out. She accepts.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn asks Shauna what’s wrong as she reacts with shock to the news that Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father. She asks if Quinn is absolutely certain. Quinn says, “Yes,” and asks why her friend is freaking out about this. She clarifies it wasn’t a fairytale romance, and she had good reasons for keeping her son from him, but now Wyatt loves his father. She thinks Flo should meet her father too. Shauna disagrees – her daughter can never know her father. She steps to freshen up and Bill arrives. He gets a lemon barShauna reacts to Bill's name on Bold and Beautiful from Pam before joining Quinn, who grimaces, “Speak of the devil.” Bill says he has a waiver for her to sign. Shauna returns and Quinn introduces them. Shauna’s irritated Bill doesn’t recognize her. Quinn asks what’s going on. Shauna reveals they had a one-night stand in Vegas. Bill finally recalls. Shauna says one night is all it takes and stuns them both by declaring that Wyatt and Florence could be brother and sister.

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At Flo’s apartment, she and Wyatt continue to speculate about her DNA kit and what it might reveal. She figures her father is hanging out in a casino gambling, but Wyatt counters he could be the rich owner of said casino. He adds that whoever he is, his life would be much better with Flo in it. Wyatt reflects that finding his father has been life-changing. Flo frets that she won’t like what she discovers, or worse, her father won’t like her. Wyatt reassures her – he’s there for her and won’t let her go through this alone.Flo and Wyatt discuss her DNA test on Bold and Beautiful Flo asks how Wyatt found his dad. He explains it happened after Hope came into his life. Flo reflects that it’s a small world. Wyatt tells her about the sword necklace connection to Bill and how it wasn’t an easy transition, but it was so worth it. He expresses frustration about her mother’s stance – Flo has every right to know. Flo theorizes that he could be in jail; a criminal. Wyatt reiterates he could be a good guy and thrilled to meet his daughter. As she stresses, Flo kisses Wyatt for helping her. She’ll always love him.

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