Shauna looks tense on phone call on Bold and Beautiful

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In Brooke’s living room, she complains to Ridge that Taylor wants Hope to lose her marriage. Ridge counters she’s concerned about their grandson. Brooke snaps that it’s more than that. Thomas appears and credits Hope for getting Douglas talking about his feelings – he doesn’t know how Douglas would have made it through this without her.

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In the cabin, Hope thinks about holding Phoebe. Douglas enters and says she looks sad. Hope admits she is and asks how he’s feeling. He misses his mommy and Hope explainsHope smiles at Douglas on Bold and Beautiful he’ll feel a lot of emotions and they’re all okay. Thomas shows up and sends Douglas out to look at bugs. He tells Hope he loves to see his son happy and it’s because of her. Hope talks to Thomas about holding Phoebe and hopes she can help Douglas. Thomas tells her she’s a remarkable woman and they feel safe with her. He wishes he could repay her kindness or ease her suffering.

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At Forrester Creations, Sally wants to know how Quinn really feels about her involvement with Wyatt. Quinn only cares about Wyatt’s happiness. Sally’s committed to making him happier than any woman ever has. Eric enters and learns they were talking about Wyatt – he’ll miss him around there. Quinn Sally Eric frowns on Bold and BeautifulEric expresses his pleasure at Sally staying – she reminds him of himself at a young age with her drive and determination. Sally relays she’s going out of town to see her Grams and pointedly says she’s devoted to the people she loves. After Sally goes, Eric questions Quinn’s tension with Sally. Quinn likes her enough but can’t forget she stole designs, and muses that Wyatt’s former love is in Los Angeles. Eric sees where this is going and asks, “Who is she?” Quinn explains about the Fultons; they were good people and she misses Shauna.

At Bikini Bar, Flo considers Wyatt’s offer to help her look into finding her father. He thinks it would be incredible if she could find her father as he did.

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At Flo’s apartment, she and Wyatt contemplate a DNA kit which he thinks could get the ball rolling on finding her father. They recall their plans to find their fathers in their youth and Wyatt understands why his mother kept it from him – Bill wasn’t a good guy back then. Flo worries about the outcome – she’s seen that even the best intentions sometimes don’t pan out. Flo decides to call her mother, Shauna Fulton, (played by Denise Richards), and updates her on running into Wyatt, but that’s not why she’s calling. Flo tells her about Wyatt finding his father and asks about her dad. Shauna states there’s no place in her life for that man and warns her she needs to drop this. Wyatt tells Flo the decision’s up to her. Flo thinks it’s time – it may change her life. If so, it’s because of Wyatt. They embrace.

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