Katie and Bill are amazed on Bold and Beautiful

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At Katie’s house, Will asks his parents if they’re angry he tried to set them up. They’re not, and Bill’s impressed by his determination. He adds, “You have to believe in the power of family.” Later, Bill and Katie update Wyatt, Donna, and Justin, who are stunned the matchmaker was Will. Donna crows it’s amazing, and Justin muses, “Who knew he was such a romantic?” Bill demurs that he learned from the master. Justin’s proud of the little guy – shows how much he loves his family. They talk about Will hacking their laptops and Bill thinks maybe it was fated. When the others press them to continue the romance, Bill sends them all out to dinner.Katie Bill Will laugh on Bold and Beautiful Once alone, Bill chuckles as Katie says their son is just like his father. The doorbell rings – it’s a delivery from William Spencer. Katie and Bill bellow at Will to come downstairs. Will forgot to tell them he ordered dessert – dollar sign cookies. The three of them eat, joke, and cuddle.

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In the cabin, Douglas is reluctant to leave Hope, but Thomas tells him it’s bedtime. Douglas and Hope make plans to watch movies together and she assures him she’s there whenever he needs a friend.

Ridge finds Brooke brooding in their living room. She can’t stop thinking about Taylor and says, “The nerve of that woman.” She scoffs at her idea that Thomas, Hope and Douglas could be a familyBrooke Ridge discuss Taylor Bold and Beautiful – that’s crazy! Ridge doesn’t think Taylor would use Douglas to split up Liam and Hope. Brooke isn’t sure about that and declares that Hope and Thomas together is not going to happen. Later, Thomas thanks Ridge for letting them stay there. Ridge asks if he’s okay. Thomas is just trying to ease Douglas’ pain. Ridge talks about keeping Caroline’s memory alive. Thomas muses he can be the best dad in the world, but it won’t be the same, although there is one person Douglas is finding comfort with – Hope. Ridge thinks it’s healing for her. Thomas thinks Hope is wonderful – they’re lucky to have her close by. Ridge reminds Thomas she’s married to Liam. Thomas assures Ridge his sole focus is on his son right now.

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Brooke joins Hope in the cabin and they discuss Douglas. Hope’s happy to be there for him and they laugh over her agreeing to go skateboarding with the boy. Brooke suggests she and Liam doBrooke tells Hope to focus on Bold and Beautiful it with Douglas together and comments on their rapport. Hope admits he asked her to be his mommy – she tried to respond as gently as she could and promised to be there for him. Hope senses Brooke is concerned. Brooke just wants her to focus on herself and Liam. Hope bristles when Brooke mentions having a family of their own; she wants to help poor Douglas. Brooke insists she has to take care of herself.

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