Katie, Bill and Chef Chambre on Bold and Beautiful

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Brooke and Ridge arrive at home and ask Thomas how Douglas is doing before greeting the little guy. Douglas tells the group, “I miss mommy so much.” They continue chatting and Douglas reveals Hope is nice too – he hopes she doesn’t lose Brooke like he lost his mom. Brooke asks if Douglas wants to eat, but he’d rather go see Hope.

In the cabin, Liam’s really proud of Hope for taking steps to move forward. Hope knows he’ll support her on the difficult days. Talk turns to Douglas. Liam feels for Karen and Dani, being separated from the boy. Hope relays he’s been video-chatting with them and asks Liam if he has seen Douglas outside. Liam guesses she’s still thinking about him asking her to be his mom. Hope recaps how she reassured the boy and muses it’s kind of like they understand one another – they share a connection. Hope takes a call from Brooke and advises her to send Douglas down.

In the main house, Thomas exits with Douglas and Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor said something about Hope, Thomas and Douglas. Brooke muses, “What did she say?”

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Liam is called away from the cabin as Thomas and Douglas are about to arrive. Hope cuts him off when he reminds her Douglas is Thomas’ child and they have their own future to consider. After, Douglas tells Hope he missed her…and misses mommy too. Hope promises him a mother’s love never goes away…it lives in his heart. She assures him she’ll always be there for him and they hug.

In Bill’s office, he updates Justin that Sally is staying at Forrester Creations, but Wyatt knows his future is there. Katie appears – she’s glad to hear Wyatt’s back where he belongs. Bill’s surprised when Katie says she got a text from him to come by – they deduce they’re being set up again. Justin denies any involvement and takes off. They’re discussing Caroline when Chef Chambre, the temp, Katie and Bill on Bold and BeautifulBill’s temp, (played by Kelleth Cuthbert), knocks and asks where Chef Chambre, (played by Tamar Braxton), should set up – it’s a romantic dinner for two. Katie and Bill snicker about their cupid and allow her to go ahead. Over the expensive bottle of champagne, which the chef says Mr. William Spencer is paying for, Katie asks Bill if he’s behind this. He’s not. Katie isn’t either. They decide they need to figure out who is matchmaking. Katie muses the person knows Bill’s favorite meal. Bill adds they also know his favorite person to be surprised with. They proceed to reminisce and laugh, then Bill turns serious – they should forget about the matchmaker and concentrate on the two of them. Katie will drink to that.

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Will beats Donna at cards in Katie’s living room as Justin arrives. Will goes for a snack and Justin updates Donna on Bill and Katie’s impromptu meeting – he thinks she’s the matchmaker. Donna smiles and shrugs.

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