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At Forrester Creations, Eric confirms to Ridge that asking Sally to stay was the right thing to do. Brooke doesn’t see how she can refuse. Eric notes it’s not purely a business decision. Ridge thinks Wyatt will want what’s best for Sally. The trio debates as Ridge complains that Bill doesn’t know how to run a fashion house and will run all over Sally. Brooke protests that he helms one of the world’s foremost fashion magazines. Ridge shrugs it off – Sally’s better off there with them.

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At Spencer Publications, Quinn begrudgingly apologizes to Sally – she was just excited to see Flo. Quinn takes Flo to have coffee and Sally muses to Wyatt that it’s pretty clear who his mother’s favorite is. Wyatt reassures her, but Sally observes that Quinn was never warm and fuzzy; she wrote it offQuinn apologizes to Sally on Bold and Beautiful to no one being good enough for her son, but clearly she was wrong. Wyatt asks about the Spencer fashion line. Sally relays there’s something that could change their plans and reveals she’s reconsidering coming to Spencer Publications. Sally explains what happened at Forrester Creations and shows him the video of the celebrity who wants to wear her designs in her music video. She says Ridge made her an unbelievable offer, then begs Wyatt to say something. Wyatt asks what about their plans and their future together? Sally reiterates she’s grateful to Wyatt, as he protests that Ridge hates Bill. Sally isn’t honestly a fan either. They debate. Sally loves Wyatt but doesn’t know if she can pass up this opportunity. Wyatt is disappointed as he had visions of them working together, but he can’t tell her not to do this. He warns things will be different with him working at Spencer, but he understands why Ridge wants to keep her. Wyatt believes in her. Sally loves him so much. They kiss with tears in their eyes.

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At Il Giardino, Flo tells Quinn it’s been good to catch up with Wyatt…and to get to know Sally as well. Quinn states they haven’t been together very long, and Wyatt’s never been sweeterQuinn and Flo have lunch on Bold and Beautiful than when he was with Flo. Talk turns to Flo’s mother. Quinn asks if she’s still in marketing. Flo replies, “Yeah.” Quinn recalls how busy they always were and how much they used to talk about Flo and Wyatt. Flo reflects on the changes in Wyatt’s life. Quinn explains that she never wanted Wyatt to know his father, and Flo relays she still doesn’t know her dad. Quinn wonders if she’s curious and assumed her mother would have told her by now. They joke about Wyatt’s father turning out to be a billionaire. Quinn thinks Flo’s life could change for the better if she knew who her father was.

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