thomas and hope discuss the past on Bold and the Beautiful
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt’s concerned about Liam and Hope as Thomas’ loss must be a tough reminder of their own loss. Liam tells Wyatt he has a good heart and admits this brings up a lot of emotions. Talk turns to Sally’s new designing gig. Wyatt promises they still have free weekends if Liam and Hope want to come to the beach. Liam says they have to adjust to the new normal, mentions Phoebe, and says Hope has strong maternal instincts. Wyatt agrees she’ll be an awesome mom someday. Liam notes she’s not ready yet. Wyatt thinks she’ll get there.

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At the cabin, Thomas thanks Hope for being there for his son. Hope got Thomas and Caroline’s messages previously, and is glad to have him back; she wishes it were under better circumstances. They discuss having to go through the grieving process.Thomas hope discuss grief on Bold and the Beautiful Thomas remarks on Sally having been at the memorial – he’d like to reach out to her but knows she’s with Wyatt. He relays to Hope that he and Caroline weren’t romantically involved. He wasn’t prepared to be in this situation. Hope wishes she could tell him it gets easier. Douglas bursts in and insists he saw Caroline outside by the birdhouse. Hope gently explains sometimes their memories bring loved ones back. Douglas reminds him mommy’s in heaven. Douglas can’t hug her now and asks Hope, “Can you be my mommy?”

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At Brooke’s place, Taylor insists she was merely sharing her pain with Ridge, but Brooke thinks she heard Taylor say she missed him and was still in love with him. Taylor snarks about Brooke feeling threatened and Brooke wonders if she thinks this is a game. Taylor brings up the past. Brooke wants her to go. Taylor reminds her Hope wants peace and says she knows Hope took off her wedding ring – she was the only one thinking clearly. Brooke narrows her eyes and informs Taylor that Steffy is past this – she doesn’t want to have this discussion again.Brooke and taylor square off on Bold and the Beautiful Taylor complains Steffy’s raising the girls by herself. Brooke says she made that decision and Hope and Liam are grieving. She warns Taylor not to try and manipulate Liam away from Hope, lunges toward her and seethes, “It’s not going to happen.” They go back and forth as Taylor admits she wants Liam in Steffy’s home and insists even Hope can see it’s the right decision. Brooke’s outraged. Taylor asks Brooke to respect her family. Brooke wants the same thing and reminds her she was kissing her husband and wants to break up her daughter’s marriage. She exclaims this has been going on for decades and Taylor’s rewritten the story. Brooke vows she’ll protect Hope and they nearly get physical again as she warns Taylor she’ll have to go through her.

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