Taylor and Ridge debate on Bold and the Beautiful

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At Brooke’s house, Taylor insists to Ridge that Douglas needs a mother and Hope needs a child. Ridge reminds her Hope made vows to Liam. Taylor maintains Liam should be raising his family with Steffy. They debate about whether Hope actually wants to end her marriage. Taylor thinks Ridge should step up and encourage Liam to reunite with Steffy, then Hope can be there for Douglas. She goes on about how good Hope, Thomas, and Douglas would be together. Ridge expresses disbelief – she needs to let this go. Taylor protests and becomes teary. They embrace as Brooke watches from the doorway. Taylor tells Ridge she never stopped loving him and kisses him. Ridge warns they need to put this conversation and kiss behind them. He walks off and Brooke approaches Taylor – she’s sorry about Caroline and apologizes for not making it to the memorial. She knows emotions are raw, but seeing Taylor kiss her husband is inexcusable and unacceptable – they are not going down this road again. Brooke hollers, “Tell me you understand!”

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In the cabin, Thomas grins as Douglas boasts about beating Hope six card games in a row.Thomas and Douglas visit Hope on Bold and the Beautiful Hope laughs – apparently, he’s the Tom Brady of Go Fish. She’s delighted when Douglas shows her a card trick, then Hope and Douglas perform the Baby Shark song. Thomas chuckles in amusement. Hope assures Douglas she’s not going anywhere as he heads outside. Thomas tells her she’s been amazing with Douglas. She’s happy to help anyway she can.

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In Bill’s office, he talks to Katie about Caroline’s death driving home how fragile life is, and how family is more important than anything. Katie thinks he’s doing a great job leading the Spencers through this. Bill can’t tell her how much her support means to him. Elsewhere, Donna talks with Justin,Katie and Bill discuss Caroline on Bold and the Beautiful Liam, Wyatt and Sally about Caroline’s death. Sally thinks Bill’s been a rock and Wyatt, Justin, and Donna agree he’s been a different man lately. Donna muses she knows someone else she thinks would agree as well. She thinks Bill still has a soft spot for Katie and brings up their ‘accidental’ lunch at Il Giardino the other day. Sally thinks she might know who set it up, but won’t say. Donna feels they’d all like to see the pair get back together. In Bill’s office, Katie can see how hard he’s working to repair his relationships – he’s making her remember the man she fell in love with. Bill tells her she’s a true Spencer and takes her hand. “Thank you for being there for me, Katie.” A tear rolls down Katie’s face. She has to get back to the house. Bill looks forward to seeing her again. Later, alone with Wyatt, Liam can’t believe Caroline’s just gone. Wyatt knows he’s had a lot of loss lately and is worried about Hope.

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