Thomas and his parents on Bold and Beautiful

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At Brooke’s house, Thomas and his family reflect on the beautiful service for Caroline. Ridge thinks she’d have been proud of him. Eric’s sorry he couldn’t convince Karen and Danielle to stay in town. Hope muses they were strong and adds, “So were you, Douglas.” Ridge and Taylor step aside. She’s irritated that Steffy put off her trip, but Brooke couldn’t find a way to get back for the service. Ridge wants the focus on Thomas. After, Thomas addresses the family to let them know this is home for him – he knows they’ll make it home for Douglas too. Eric speaks on what home means and promises they will help them find happiness again. Eric, Quinn, Pam, and Maya decide to leave. Maya wants Douglas and Lizzie to be friends. Eric tells Douglas to visit him any time. Hope offers to take Douglas to the cabin. He’s keen, so Thomas is left with Taylor and Ridge. His parents assure him everything will be okay. Ridge adds, “You take care of your boy and we’ll take care of ours.” Thomas worries about Douglas, then shares that he and Caroline weren’t a couple. He left Sally to be with her, but it didn’t work. They were great co-parents. Taylor’s thrown off. Thomas explains her passing is no less painful – they were best friends. Ridge thinks Thomas and Douglas should move in there. Taylor agrees and wishes she could take away her son’s pain.

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At Spencer Publications, Katie tells Bill and Liam their speeches at the service were moving. She and Wyatt reassure Bill that Caroline forgave him. Katie rubs his chest comfortingly as Bill says he’ll miss her more than he can express. He tells the family that Douglas doesn’t have his mom anymore, but he’ll have all of them.Bill addresses family at Spencer Publications on Bold and Beautiful Liam, Katie, Justin, Sally, and Wyatt all remember Caroline, share a laugh, and admire her drive – she was an inspiration. Bill feels she was most proud of her son – Douglas meant everything to her. Wyatt reflects on becoming a Spencer, which kicks off another round of talk about Caroline giving as good as she got. Liam says their cousin was fierce. Bill decrees Caroline was like the daughter he never had – he couldn’t always do the right thing for her, but Bill will do what’s best for Douglas by making sure he knows what an extraordinary person she was. Bill assures his family they’ll pull through this and come out closer than ever.

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In the cabin, Douglas beats Hope in a game of Go Fish. Thomas smiles to see his son having fun.

In Brooke’s house, Ridge and Taylor discuss Thomas’ revelation that he and Caroline weren’t together. Taylor tells him about Hope consoling Douglas in the kitchen – she witnessed an emotional bond forming. She declares that Douglas and Hope need each other – a boy that needs a mother and a mother that needs a child.

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