Sally and Thomas with Douglas and Hope on Bold and the Beautiful

Image: Howard Wise/JPI

At Spencer Publications, Katie joins a reflective Bill, who assures her she never has to knock. He muses that it’s a beautiful day; people are just going about their business. Bill asks if she told Will yet. Katie thought he might want to do it. Bill replies, “Not today.” He thanks her for checking on him and she leans her head on his shoulder. Wyatt, Sally, Liam and Hope arrive. Bill and Katie talk about Caroline on Bold and the BeautiulBill explains he didn’t want to tell them over the phone. Wyatt somberly muses, “A blood clot?” Hope wishes there was something they could do. Bill relays that Karen will be sending him a copy of Caroline’s obituary, it will soon be public. He knows they’re all thinking of the lie he told, which came true. They agree it was no one’s finest hour, including Caroline’s, and Katie assures him it’s not his fault. Hope muses about the people no longer with them influencing their lives.

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At Ridge and Brooke’s place, Quinn asks Ridge where to find something in the kitchen. He’s distracted. Steffy arrives, hugs Ridge and says, “I’m so sorry.” Ridge relays that Eric’s in the den contacting people as Taylor appears and reflects one phone call is all it takes, and your life will never be the same. Ridge hugs her. Ridge talks with Quinn on Bold and the BeautifulEric appears and Ridge produces a framed photo. They all reflect on the loss of the beautiful, talented and funny Caroline. Taylor relays all Thomas could tell her is that it was a sudden blood clot. Ridge warns not to overwhelm him when he arrives. Taylor tears up – he didn’t know how to tell Douglas. Eric vows they’ll surround him with love and keep his mother’s spirit alive. Ridge looks at the photo – he loved this woman; loved everything about her. He talks about her passion for work and the people in her life. Ridge embraces Taylor on Bold and the BeautifulLater, Bill and the group from Spencer Publications arrive. Steffy tells Hope that Thomas is numb and hasn’t had any sleep. There’s a knock – it’s Thomas, (played by Matthew Atkinson), who urges Douglas, (played by Henry Joseph Samiri), to say hi to his grandpa. The boy hugs Ridge. Ridge, Taylor and Eric each embrace Thomas, as Steffy tells Douglas he’s handsome. Steffy hugs her brother, then Thomas asks Liam and Wyatt to be Douglas’ godparents – he and Caroline had discussed it. They’re flattered. Bill approaches Thomas, who tells Bill that Caroline forgave him. Across the room, Hope senses Thomas looking for someone and assures him sometimesFamily gathers around Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful they all look for someone who’s not there. Nearby, Wyatt urges Sally to speak to Thomas. She walks over and welcomes him home. He apologizes and she says it was the best for both of them. Sally’s sorry for the hurtful things and is really sorry she’s gone. They embrace. Douglas shows Thomas the photo of Caroline. Hope takes the boy into the kitchen. Thomas cries and thanks everyone – Caroline would be glad he and Douglas are there with family. His parents and sister huddle with Thomas and they all cry.

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