Reese convinces Zoe to keep quiet

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At Reese’s flat, Florence informs him he can’t stop her – Hope will know the truth tonight. She knows Reese came all this way to keep her quiet and it’s not happening. Florence rehashes Reese stealing a baby for a gambling debt. She throws her cash at him and exclaims helping him was the worst decision of her life. Every time she closes her eyes, she sees Hope with her heart ripped out. Reese insists they both know who he is – he’s a good man who got caught up in something he couldn’t control and was trying to protect Zoe. He protests that the truth cannot get out and becomes dramatic as he re-tells how he was forced to do the hardest thing he ever had to do. Zoe cries as he apologizes – he could only think of keeping her safe. Flo argues with Reese whether Hope will heal and have another child and accuses him of just trying to protect himself. Reese embraces ZoeReese wants Flo to return to Vegas and Zoe to convince Hope to have another child. Zoe decides her dad’s right – they’ll all go to prison. No one can ever know. Reese embraces Zoe – she should never doubt his love – then leaves. Florence swipes everything off the desk in anger then argues with Zoe – she’s not going back to Vegas. Zoe pleads with Flo, who won’t promise not to tell Hope.

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In the cabin, Hope and Liam discuss Flo. Liam was impressed that Sally showed no jealousy. There’s a knock – it’s Tiffany dropping in the new designs for Hope for the Future. She tells Hope how sorry she is about her little girl before leaving. After, Hope knows she meant well, but it was another reminder Beth isn’t here. She tells Liam she’d like to get to know Flo better – she insisted Hope was meant to be a mother. Liam assures Hope she’ll always be Beth’s mom and there’s no limit to the love she has to give a child. He feels there’s a child waiting to be loved by Hope.

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At the beach house, Sally takes Wyatt’s phone and he playfully kisses her and snatches it back. He has a text from Liam, thanking them for the dinner party. Wyatt thinks Sally was the consummate hostess – he’s proud of her for ‘going with the Flo’. Sally mocks him for his bad puns and they joke about whether his exes left him for his humor. Sally and Wyatt joke in bedTalk turns to the future; Wyatt hasn’t heard from Bill and Sally wonders if he’s having second thoughts. Wyatt reassures her. They go over Wyatt making the offer to Bill before discussing their relationship. Wyatt thinks they’re ‘good’ for the next millennium or two. Sally marvels she almost gave up on men – everything changed for the better when they got together. She sums up, “I owe it all to you. Chicken legs.” Wyatt’s offended until she clarifies she wants to eat chicken legs.

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