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At Steffy’s house, Liam hollers at Hope to stop as she removes her wedding ring. Hope reiterates that the two little girls need him. Liam protests she’s not thinking straight. Hope doesn’t want to be the reason the girls grow up without a dad. Steffy and Liam both assure her the girls are fine but Hope remains insistent about them being together. She wants to give Kelly and Phoebe what she wanted for Beth –Liam Steffy look Hope a mommy and daddy. Liam points out she can’t just give him away. He loves her and can be a good husband and father at the same time. Liam promises he’ll be there for the girls and so will she – they have to heal together. Hope lets him put her wedding ring back on and they embrace. When Steffy goes to Phoebe, Hope apologizes to Liam but she wants to make everything okay for those girls. Steffy reappears, giving Phoebe a bottle, and Hope takes her. She tells the child she’s so loved and she’s sorry she couldn’t have met Beth. She imagines all the things ahead of her.

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At Forrester Creations, Wyatt, with Sally, announces to Eric and Quinn that they are making a change in their lives. Quinn gets excited presuming they’re engaged. Wyatt says that’s not it – they’ve worked out a deal with Bill at Spencer Publications which includes Sally getting Spectra Fashions back.Quinn eric learn Wyatt sally plans Wyatt concedes his father’s trying to be better but is no Eric Forrester – he’s grateful for all he’s done for him. Eric understands why they want to do this, and Quinn gets why it’s important to Wyatt to be with Bill – she just hopes Bill doesn’t hurt him again. Sally thanks Eric, who says he’ll miss them both and wishes them luck. Hugs abound and Sally gets tearful as she talks about all Wyatt’s done for her out of love. They kiss. After, Sally thinks Quinn handled it well, but Wyatt muses Bill should be worried if he flakes on them. As they canoodle, Sally feels her life has never been so good, and she owes it all to Wyatt.

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At Katie’s house, Will is happy when his parents are together. Katie explains separation to him, while Bill reminds him their bond will never be totally broken. Will’s put out thatKatie Will with Bill they haven’t got back together. Bill reminds him they’re still a family. When Will leaves the room, Katie tells Bill he’s really stepped up. Bill reflects that some of the best times in his life were times like these – he liked winning, but it cost him his sons. Katie thinks Bill and Will are in a better place than they’ve ever been. Bill asks, “What about us, Katie?” She teases the old Bill wasn’t all bad. Bill feels it’s good to be able to come there to see Will, to see her; it’s much better.

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