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In the cabin, Hope argues heatedly with Brooke about whether the girls need Liam more than she does. Hope insists this is wrong and she needs to fix it. She muses when you love someone, you have to set them free. Brooke asks, “You’re going to set Liam free?”

At Steffy’s house, she and Liam agree he needs to be there for Hope. She worries Hope is getting worse. Liam muses that she’s adjusting to not being a mom. They agree she’s transferring her feelings of motherhood onto Kelly and Phoebe. Later, Brooke visits Steffy out of concern for Hope, who has a misplaced sense of guilt. Steffy sympathizes. Brooke expects Steffy to support Liam and Hope’s relationship. Steffy wouldn’t undermine their marriage. Once alone, Steffy flashes through her romance with Liam.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill argues with Wyatt that they’re not a fashion house, but Wyatt thinks Spectra Fashions is a fit under the Spencer umbrella. Bill doesn’t want to be in the dressmaking business!Sally talks with eric Wyatt reminds him what he did to Sally and thinks this could work. Bill realizes how much Wyatt believes in her – he didn’t know they had gotten that close. Wyatt snaps he would if he’d been around more. Bill’s worst fear is being like his father – he confirms Wyatt’s in love with Sally, then says if it means Wyatt coming back to the business and reuniting their family, he’ll bring back Spectra Fashions. Bill warns if he ever refers to him as a dressmaker, it’s off. Wyatt says, “Deal.” He’s excited. Bill apologizes – he hopes Liam will forgive him one day, but for now it’s them…and Sally. He vows to do it right this time.

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At Forrester Creations, Sally flashes to Wyatt telling her they’re a package deal and smiles. Eric notices and tells her how impressed he’s been by her contributions. Talk turns to Thorne leaving. Eric muses they’ll be short-handed and Sally wonders if she’d be considered as head designer on Hope for the Future. Eric assures her they’ll keep her in mind and chuckles that Sally’s an ‘out of the box’ person like her aunt – she’s good for the company and for Wyatt. Sally says Wyatt goes above and beyond for her. Eric thinks it’s too bad he has Bill for a father. Sally alludes to them getting back on track.

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Liam joins Hope at home.hope pushes liam away She feels guilty that he’s not with those little girls and doesn’t need him to take care of her. Liam says it will get better. Hope tells him he already has a family and urges, “Go be with Steffy, go be with your children.” Liam protests – he’s married to her; committed to her. Hope becomes emotional about not having her father when she was little. She knows Liam loves her but he also loves Steffy – his life is with her and those girls.

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