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In their cabin, Liam wants to drive to the beach, but Hope feels Phoebe and Kelly need him more. Liam and Hope are debating when Brooke arrives. Hope insists he go spend time with the girls. After Liam leaves, Hope justifies the move to her mother, who worriesbrooke expresses worries to hope about where this may lead. Hope feels the babies need him more than she does. Brooke wants her to focus on healing and the family she and Liam will have one day. Hope isn’t sure she wants that anymore. She feels guilty about keeping Liam from the girls – it’s where he belongs.

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In bed at the beach house, Sally can’t believewyatt and sally share intimate embrace that Spectra Fashions might rise from the ashes thanks to Wyatt. Her boyfriend assures her that those are his terms – his father needs to do right by her, and they’re a package deal. Sally notes she was no match for Bill Spencer. Wyatt counters he used every dirty trick in the book – it’s time for him to prove he’s changed. Sally muses, “By bringing back Spectra Fashions.” Wyatt reiterates that that’s his condition.

At home, Steffy flashes to Kelly’s birth and smiles. Steffy’s cooking when the babies start crying. She makes formula, but spills. Liam arrives and Steffy exhales – his help is a Godsend. Liam is there whenever she needs him. Steffy feels Hope should be his first priority, but Liam counters Hope believes he’s more needed there – she’s looking out for the girls.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin tells Donna to think about how great it would be for Bill and Katie to get their family back together. He enthuses, “Think about how happy Will would be.” Justin flirts with Donna, who feels a lot has happened since they were together, and notes their greatest accomplishment is Marcus. Justin thinks they have a chance to do something great together – to reunite a family – and the perk is he gets to spend more time with her too.

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At Katie’s house, Will impresses Bill with his knowledge of money trivia as Katie laughs.bill makes katie a promise Will and Bill share a close moment, and when Will goes upstairs, Katie and Bill agree he’s a great kid, and that he’ll depend on Bill more now that Thorne’s gone. Will rejoins them and Bill promises his son and Katie that he’ll never let either one of them down again. Later, Donna returns and updates Katie that Justin wants to reunite her and Bill. Katie warns they need to get the idea of a reunion out of their heads.

Bill joins Justin at Spencer Publications and is followed by Wyatt, who has an answer to his father’s offer. Bill’s thrilled when he reveals he wants to come back, but taken aback when Wyatt announces he wants justice for Sally, and says, “I want you to revive Spectra Fashions.”

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