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At Reese’s place, Zoe insists Hope deserves to know that Steffy is raising her child. Reese warns if she exposes them, he and Flo will go to jail. Zoe sneers at him being sorry,Reese argues with Zoe but not sorry enough to right his wrong. Reese pleads with her to let it be – Steffy will be a wonderful mother and Hope will be in the baby’s life. Zoe’s floored; she doesn’t know if she can let this stand and exits abruptly. Flo returns and wants to know what Zoe’s going to do. Reese doesn’t think she’d go to the police, but she may go to Phoebe’s mother.

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Steffy and hope discuss phoebeAt Steffy’s place, she watches Hope feed Phoebe and they exchange a smile. After, Hope tells Steffy that she can’t explain it, Phoebe just fills an empty space in her; it helps. Once the girls are asleep, Hope thanks Steffy again and tells her she’s blessed to be Phoebe’s mom.

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Wyatt is summoned to Bill’s office, where he updates Bill that Thorne left for Paris and annulled his marriage to Katie. Bill expresses disbelief and is relieved to hear Will seems okay with it. Bill asks about Katie. Wyatt reports she’s shell-shocked. Bill admits he thought Thorne would be in for the long haul. Wyatt relays one of the reasons Thorne left was Bill. Bill protests – what has he done? Wyatt explains Thorne believes Katie’s still in love with him. Bill says they’ll always care about one another as parents, then adds he wants Wyatt’s help to get his family back on track.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie marvels to Donna and Brooke that she had no idea Thorne had any intention of leaving her. They’re all shocked and sad. Donna and Brooke console their sister. Katie assures them she’ll be okay and adds that they told Will, who seemed to understand why Thorne was going.Katie update Donna and Brooke marriage Donna doesn’t understand, and Brooke questions why Thorne couldn’t have found a support group here. Donna wonders if there’s more to it, and Katie admits he thinks she’s still in love with Bill. The sisters eyeball Katie as she protests, and asks, “You think I’m still in love with Bill too?” In the studio, Zoe rushes into Xander’s arms. She fought with her dad, and is sick to death of his recklessness. She needs Xander to come with her to see Steffy. Later, Hope joins Brooke in the office and reports she feels better, thanks to spending time with Phoebe, which makes all the pain go away.

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At Steffy’s house, Zoe, with Xander, announces she’s there to talk about Hope’s baby. Steffy’s puzzled, but remarks on the devastating loss. Zoe muses there was no reason for Hope to lose her baby. Steffy shares that Hope finds comfort with Phoebe – they share a connection. Zoe realizes Hope’s instincts with the child are intense, and says there may be a reason it seems she’s holding her own daughter.

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