Steffy watches hope with Phoebe
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Hope arrives at Steffy’s house offering to help – she can fold onesies and towels. Steffy wonders if Liam told her she needed help. Hope just figured she’d need a hand with the babies, and asks if they’re awake. Steffy says they’re asleep. She thought Hope might keep her distance due to her issues with Taylor. Hope’s beyond that…it was before she lost her baby. Steffy knows this must be hard on her, and Phoebe must make her think of Beth. Hope insists it’s not in a bad way. Soon, Phoebe awakens. Hope beams and offers to hold her. Steffy watches as she gives Phoebe her bottle.

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At Reese’s place, Zoe and Florence wait for the doctor who has just got in to LAX. Zoe questions Florence more about the second mother. Reese arrives and Zoe immediately references the child that was stolen from her mother. She accuses him of selling a baby to pay off a gambling debt. Reese laments it was the terrible price of keeping her safe. Zoe sniffs if she was in danger, it was because of him. Florence urges Zoe to listen to Reese – he would do anything for her. Flo tells Reese she’s sorry she took part in his scheme, then leaves. Zoe lays into her father for not stopping gambling. She knows Hope is the baby’s mother and demands he explain how he did it. Reese tells her everything that happened on Catalina. Zoe hollers that Hope’s been a shell of herself – she sees herself as a mother who let her child die. She insists Hope has to be told Phoebe’s her child – if he won’t do it, she will.

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At Forrester Creations, Wyatt and Katie talk business. In the course of conversation, she divulges that Thorne won’t be in today – he left. Wyatt’s stunned to hear they’ve ended their marriage.Katie talks to Wyatt She explains Thorne cast himself in the role of father only to find the spot filled. Wyatt could see they had different agendas from the beginning – Thorne wanted Bill gone completely. Katie gets a text and learns Thorne filed the annulment papers. Wyatt fishes to find out how she feels about Bill – the last time he was her ex-husband, she married him again. Katie muses about her surprise when Bill actually grew up and began being a father to Will.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin jokes with Bill, who is practicing magic to impress Will.Justin Bill magic Bill turns serious – he needs magic to get his sons back in his life; he’s the one who made them disappear. Bill complains about Wyatt and Liam working at the dress farm. Justin advises him not to offer them their jobs back out-of-the-blue, and notes he has a chance to create a lifetime bond with his other son, Will. They discuss Katie’s forgiving nature.

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