Liam attempts romance
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At the beach house, Sally and Wyatt reflect on their happiness and share a kiss. Sally wonders if she overstepped giving Hope the sketches earlier.Wyatt Sally romance Valentine's Day Wyatt reassures her it was a great idea…it was very sweet to want to help her. Rolling around on the bed they agree there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. After sex, Sally urges Wyatt to go surfing – it’s her present to him. His present is not to take her up on it. They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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At the cabin, Hope tells Liam everyone was really sweet at work. He’s proud of her for going back. She shows him a Valentine’s baby outfit someone gave her at the shower – she imagined dressing Beth up in it today. Liam suggests they go out for dinner or to a movie – anything to get her mind off things. Hope keeps going back to not being awake when they lost their baby girl. Liam assures her she did nothing wrong, but Hope exclaims that if she’d stayed awake, she believes Beth would be there right now.

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At Reese’s place, Zoe wants to know how her father got his hands on a baby. Florence says he switched the babies and adds, “He did it to protect you.” Zoe asks if she’s saying he sold a baby to Steffy and her mom because he owed money to some bookie – if that’s true, the adoption isn’t legal. Zoe presses Flo for information until she blurts that the birth mother’s name is Hope. Zoe’s floored and in disbelief. Flo maintains this was all Reese.

In London, Reese flashes to Hope’s delivery and squeezes his eyes shut. He takes a call from Zoe, who says Flo told her everything. She confronts him with the details and sobs. Reese will come back to explain and pleads with her not to say anything to Steffy or Hope.

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At Katie’s house, she marvels at Thorne presenting her with annulment papers on Valentine’s Day…he wants to end their marriage like it never happened. She asks, “Why are you doing this?” Thorne replies, “I’m doing this out of love for you and Will.” His mind is made up. He’s realized he’s not ready to have a familyThorne Will Katie split – there’s too much he hasn’t dealt with regarding losing Aly and Darla. Thorne doesn’t want to get hurt; he sees the way she and Will are with Bill and feels Bill has stepped up and is the man and father she’s always wanted him to be. Will arrives with Valentines and Thorne and Katie exchange a look. Thorne tells Will he has to go away – he loves him, but needs to go back to Paris and deal with the loss of his family. They embrace. Katie wipes away tears. She tells Will she’s sad, but will be okay – they all will be.

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