Zoe confronts Flo
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At Reese’s place, Zoe demands Florence tell her what’s going on and what it has to do with Steffy’s baby…and her father. Zoe apologizes before pressing more to find out if her dad is the father of the baby. Florence assures her that’s not true. Zoe asks why he’s involved then – what has he done? Flo finally admits Reese arranged the adoption. Zoe digests that Steffy was able to adopt because of her father, and wonders what was in it for him. Flo assures her it was all above-board, but balks when Zoe mentions going to Steffy. Zoe asks, “What aren’t you telling me?” Flo sighs and concedes her father’s involvement was on the down-low – he didn’t want to put Zoe in an uncomfortable position at work.

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At Steffy’s house, she and Liam discuss Hope spending time with Phoebe. Liam thinks it may be a good thing – it won’t erase the pain, but might soothe it. Steffy worries that Hope knows Beth is gone but her body doesn’t – the hormones are raging through her. In the bedroom, Hope doesn’t want to put the baby back in her crib. She says her mommy is so lucky, then rejoins Liam and Steffy. She tells them it’s just how she imagined it would be…with Beth. Liam says they heard her in the monitor. Hope jokes; she hopes they turned it off before she started singing. Liam admits he was a little concerned. Hope explains how natural it felt with Phoebe – Liam Hope talk babyshe felt happy and needed to pretend for a minute. She checks with Steffy that it’s okay for her to be ‘Auntie Hope’. Steffy says of course – she wants the girls to have strong women to look up to. Hope’s uncertain about having another pregnancy herself, but she was meant to have children in her life, and thanks to Steffy she can have them. Liam’s concerned about her assumption she’s not meant to have children of her own. Hope doesn’t want the responsibility – she’s already failed twice. Liam learns there’s a darkness inside her, but Phoebe’s pushing it away. Steffy notes it takes time to get through the darkness, and worries spending time with Phoebe might make it harder for her to heal. Hope counters that she wasn’t healing at all before – this might help her get through.

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Sally concerned bed WyattAt the beach house, Sally tells Wyatt how good it feels to be in his arms in bed, but admits she feels guilty being happy knowing what Hope and Liam are going through. They get out of bed and Wyatt suggests Sally sketch athletic wear to distract from the sadness. She’s thrilled he thinks she’s a great designer and thanks him for keeping her focused. Wyatt jokes it’s selfish – when she’s focused on her passion, he typically benefits. He talks about how much he believes in her and they kiss.

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