Florence interrogated
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At the cabin, Hope can’t stop thinking of what it was like to hold Phoebe. She urges Liam to go spend time with Steffy and the girls, but would like to go too. Liam’s uncertain and feels she should just relax, but Hope needs this. “I just want to hold that baby.” Liam assures her she’s welcome, he’s just concerned being around babies is a painful reminder of what they went through. Hope insists being around the girls helps. Liam takes a call from Steffy, but doesn’t get a chance to mention Hope because the girls fuss and she disconnects.

In Forrester Creations’ design office, Xander and Zoe speculate on why Florence might have been living with her father. Zoe has a feeling he was mixed up in something bad and Flo was involved. She’s going back to the apartment. Xander offers to go with her but she declines.

At Reese’s place, Florence looks at the adoption paperwork and flashes to meeting Steffy and signing the documents. She hides them in a drawer and goes into the bedroom. Zoe lets herself in, begins searching, and finds the adoptions papers. Florence reappears, startled, and Zoe confronts her about having the baby adopted by Steffy. She grills Flo about the date she had the baby, her doctor’s name, and points out she clearly didn’t give birth. She demands to know what’s going on.

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At bed in the beach house, Wyatt Sally bedWyatt asks if Sally was kidding about having baby fever when they visited Phoebe. Sally reassures him and they agree they’d like kids…someday. They marvel at Steffy juggling two kids, and Wyatt muses it’s hard to see Phoebe and not think about Hope and Liam’s baby. They discuss how fast the adoption went through and eat popcorn. After, Sally becomes pensive. She’s feeling bad about what Hope’s going through and wishes they could do something. Wyatt thinks she’s incredible. They make out.

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Steffy welcomes Liam into the cliff house and jokes he can help fold laundry. Hope appears – she hopes it’s okay she came; she wanted to see Phoebe. Steffy tells her she’s welcome anytime.Hope Liam visit Steffy Hope’s anxious to see the baby but she’s asleep. Hope explains being around Phoebe helps lessen her pain. Liam and Steffy are worried, but Hope insists she’s fine. The baby awakens and Hope goes to get her. Steffy and Liam puzzle over whether this is healthy. Liam doesn’t know but it seems to help her. They watch and listen in the monitor as Hope cradles Phoebe and tells her about losing Beth. She forgets all of it when she’s looking at Phoebe. Liam turns off the monitor. Hope flashes to telling Liam she was pregnant then tells Phoebe, “I love you.”

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