Steffy talks with Sally Wyatt
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At the cabin, Hope and Brooke joke with Donna and Katie as they work on a puzzle. Talk turns to Steffy’s children and Hope wonders if Kelly and Phoebe’s hair will get darker. Liam arrives with food and Hope asks him about the girls’ hair color. She admits she can’t stop thinking about Phoebe. Donna recalls a memory with their father, which Katie claims never happened.Liam hold hands Hope They reflect on how you sometimes tell yourselves stories you wish happened, and Hope talks about Beth again. Brooke urges her to talk if she needs to, they understand. Hope isn’t sure what to say – she’s sad, but it goes so much deeper than that. Katie assures her they want to help. Liam tells Hope, “I failed you.” He feels he should have been there the night their daughter died. He says, “I’m really sorry,” and embraces his wife. Hope assures him he could never fail her, but Liam asserts that he has…more than once. Hope thinks they’re stronger and wiser. She’ll never understand why God took Beth, but there’s something that might help her go on…when Steffy put Phoebe in her arms it was like electricity went through her arms to her heart. The baby, whose mother didn’t want her, makes her feel like a mother. She believes Phoebe came into her life to give her back hope.

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Wyatt and Sally arrive at the cliff house to meet Phoebe. While visiting, they remark on her resemblance to Kelly. Steffy agrees, she sees it sometimes too. Wyatt feels badly about Liam and Hope losing Beth. Talk turns to Phoebe’s birth mother. Sally and Wyatt learn that she was determined to put the adoption behind her, and that they connected through a colleague of Taylor’s. As they reflect on things happening whether you’re ready or not, Sally jokes about when she met Wyatt. Steffy puts them on the babysitting list as they’re leaving. Wyatt asks if Steffy thinks Liam’s okay. Steffy feels his conscience may be bothering him but he’ll be okay. Once alone, Steffy talks to Phoebe, telling her she’s safe with her, and that’s where she’ll stay.

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Zoe finds Xander changing in the design office at Forrester Creations and they share a kiss.Zoe updates Xander on Reese She reveals she was looking for him to tell her about her little adventure. Zoe explains that the mystery of why Reese didn’t want her at his apartment is solved. She talks about the young and pretty Florence – what she still doesn’t know is why she was living with her father. Zoe’s sure she knows what’s going on with her dad, but isn’t saying it. Xander learns they chatted but Florence was cagey when she asked why her father left. Zoe puzzles over Florence saying she was sorry when she brought up Catalina.

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