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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge discuss Hope visiting the baby. Ridge doesn’t think she’d have gone if she wasn’t ready. Brooke thinks bringing a new little girl into their family is wonderful, but still has concerns about how it will affect Hope. Taylor enters. She updates them on the baby and wanted to talk to Brooke about how it might affect Hope. Brooke relays she’s over there right now.Brooke Ridge and Taylor at Forrester Creations Taylor questions if that was wise, but Brooke and Ridge explain she wanted to be supportive and put the kids first. Taylor worries it could be a reminder of what she lost. Brooke comments on how fast the baby was placed with Steffy. Taylor knows the timing wasn’t great, but she feels the baby was meant to be a part of their family. After, Brooke wonders to Ridge if Hope will ever have a child of her own. Ridge reassures her. Brooke says they’ll welcome Phoebe into their family, and eventually Hope will do that too.

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In the Forrester studio, Charlie upbraids Zoe and Tiffany for riding through the hallways on scooters. They suggest he try riding one. Reese appears and expresses relief he doesn’t have to worry about Zoe anymore. She’s puzzled. Charlie boasts there are no security concerns at Forrester thanks to him. Reese chuckles. Zoe wants to know what’s going on. Reese reveals he’s leaving Los Angeles to return to London. Zoe’s upset and wants him to stay and build a practice there. She tears up. Reese assures her he’ll visit, and is always there for her. They express their love and embrace.

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At the cliff house, Hope’s holding the baby and tells her she’ll have the best life and will be so loved. She muses about the child being Kelly’s little sister and how protective she’ll be of her.Liam Hope baby Hope tells Steffy and Liam, “She feels like family.” She whispers that she can’t stop staring at her. Steffy smiles that the baby has already fallen in love with her Aunt Hope – they have a special bond and she’s glad Hope got to meet her. Liam watches Hope with the baby and they exchange a smile. When Steffy goes to get Kelly, Liam and Hope share a moment with the baby. Steffy returns and Hope imagines the fun the girls will have together. She recalls this is how they originally saw it. Steffy would like Hope to be part of Phoebe’s life. Hope would like that too.

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Taylor talks to Reese hospitalAt the hospital, Taylor’s glad she caught Reese before he left. They discuss the adoption; Taylor will never be able to thank him enough for what he’s done for her and Steffy. She can’t believe he’s going back so soon. Reese accomplished what he needed to. Taylor will miss him and feels it was divine intervention that he provided this gift after Steffy’s many losses and disappointments.

At the cabin, Liam remarks on Hope’s courage in going over to hold the baby. Hope says she was beautiful; she can’t stop thinking about her. She felt energy; a warmth, when she held her. Liam felt it too. Hope reflects that she couldn’t help but feel the little baby she was holding should have been theirs; should have been Beth. Liam comforts her.

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