Hope holds Beth
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At the cabin, Hope assures Brooke she’s fine – she’s happy for Steffy. Brooke mentions her sending Liam over. Hope says he had a family with Steffy before Beth was born – he should be there. Ridge worries about the timing; Hope and Liam are still healing. Hope acknowledges on some level it hurts that Steffy has a baby girl and she doesn’t have hers, but she won’t deny them this family moment. Hope asks whether the baby looks like her birth mother. Ridge doesn’t know. Hope recalls trying to find something of herself and Liam in Beth’s face. Brooke suggests she go to see Phoebe. Hope’s uncertain, but decides to try it.

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At the cliff house, Liam notices the way Phoebe looks at him reminds him of Kelly, but then feels silly. Steffy reassures him. They agree this is ‘right’ – Steffy Liam talk about babyKelly now has a sister and will enjoy that connection. Steffy adds that a baby whose biological father wanted nothing to do with her, now has a loving, caring father in Liam. Steffy learns Hope encouraged Liam to come over. He muses he only got to hold Beth once, but misses his little girl. Steffy worries it’s too soon, but he tells her Beth will always be in his heart – he looks at Phoebe’s face and sees joy and the future – she’s a miracle and a gift to Steffy and Kelly. Steffy says, “To you too, Liam.” Soon, Hope arrives. Steffy addresses the timing of the adoption, and Hope assures her it’s a gift regardless. Steffy gets the baby and introduces her to Hope. Liam’s taken aback when Hope asks to hold her. She takes the baby, starts to tear up, then kisses the baby’s head before looking at Liam.

At Reese’s place, Florence tells him she was nervous, but it’s done; he’s in the clear. Reese did it all for Zoe, to keep her out of harm’s way. Otherwise he’d have never crossed theReese pays Florence ethical and moral lines he did. Reese hands over Flo’s $50,000. He’s sorry he got her involved in all this. She feels it’s over now and life goes on, but muses again about a woman being robbed of her baby. Reese takes a call from Zoe, checking up on him, then rejoins Florence. She feels the cash is blood money, but really does need it. Reese urges her to enjoy it – she helped him save his daughter while ensuring the baby had a safe, happy home. Flo realizes he’s planning to leave, and offers to go with him. He discourages it, and urges her to stay until the lease expires. He reminds her no one can ever know their secret – especially the baby’s mother.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Ridge she can’t help but worry. Ridge muses that Hope is like his daughter – to have her heart ripped out, well, he doesn’t want that for anybody. Brooke’s pleased with Ridge caring so much about Hope, and also impressed by her daughter putting the children first.

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