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Ridge arrives at the cliff house believing something may be wrong with Kelly after Pam botched a message. Taylor advises Kelly’s fine and he’d better get ready to have another granddaughter. They discuss the adoption and Taylor reveals Steffy should be bringing the child home today. Ridge exclaims, “Today?” He’s skeptical, but Taylor reassures him. He still thinks somethingRidge taylor talk adoption about this doesn’t feel right. Taylor clucks that’s because he hasn’t seen Steffy with the baby – it’s like she was meant to be Kelly’s sister. Taylor relays that once Steffy texts, she will deliver the briefcase on the chair. Ridge opens it and balks upon learning there’s $200,000 cash. Taylor doesn’t want his advice and shares that Steffy’s naming the baby Phoebe. He agrees it’s perfect.

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At Reese’s house, Carter draws Florence’s attention to the portion of the paperwork dealing with her right to contact the child. Steffy notes they hadn’t discussed that, but Florence says it’s alright – she really doesn’t think of the baby as hers. Steffy tells her she’s doing an unselfish thingsteffy signs papers and swears her daughter will be surrounded with love. They continue with the process. Carter asks Florence to sign to terminate her parental rights. She asks what happens with all the documents after. Carter says they become part of the state records. Florence worries someone could find out her name or contact her. Carter assures her the information can’t be made public without her permission. Florence tells herself, “This is a good thing we’re doing,” and signs. Steffy also signs, followed by Carter. Florence and Steffy hug, and Carter goes. Florence brings the baby to Steffy, who gushes, “Phoebe, Mommy will always love you.”

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Hope and Liam are at the OB/GYN doctor’s office. Hope feels empty; being there and not being pregnant. Dr Lin, (played by Jeanne Chin), enters and says, “I’m so sorry.” She talks to them about placental abruption, which can have bearing on future pregnancies – she’ll examine Hope and do lab work, and assures them they did nothing wrong. Elsewhere, Reese texts Florence to let him know when everything’s set, then the thug appears. Reese can’t believe he came to the hospital, warns the man to leave his daughter alone, and excuses himself to see patients. In Dr. Lin’s office, she updates Hope and Liam she sees no signs of the complications that can come from placental abruption. liam hugs hopeHope’s not ready to discuss future pregnancies. Suddenly, Reese enters. Lin realizes he was the doctor who delivered Beth. Hope credits him with being caring, but questions him as to why they lost their little girl. Is he sure she didn’t cry, because she felt her moving inside of her? Reese replies there was nothing. Hope wonders if Beth would still be there if she hadn’t passed out. Reese says he’s sorry – if she only knew how much. After, Liam holds Hope, who speaks out loud, “Beth, Mommy will always love you.”

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