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At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor spend time with Kelly as they discuss the terrible loss Hope and Liam are going through. Talk turns to the adoption opportunity.

At the cabin, Brooke tells Hope that she needs to eat and suggests she get out and go to the office. Hope doesn’t know if she can go back. Brooke insists life must go on. brooke cant comfort hopeHope just wants to know ‘why’. Brooke thinks maybe she’ll find comfort in working on her clothing line, but Hope says Hope for the Future seems so foreign to her now – none of it means anything. Hope couldn’t pretend to still believe in optimism and hope when she doesn’t. Brooke assures her the pain will go away, but Hope disagrees. Brooke thinks she’ll have another baby someday, but Hope doesn’t believe she could go through this again. She lost two babies and feels she failed Beth. Brooke insists she didn’t. Hope feels she’s drowning – the pain is too much. Brooke talks more about healing and Hope just wants to be alone.

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At Reese’s place, Florence calls him out for doing up a fake birth certificate – he could get in a lot of trouble and so could she now that she’s involved. Reese phones Taylor pushing for an answer on the adoption, and he tells her he’ll call her back with a meeting time. He disconnects as Florence demands to know exactly what he’s doing. Reese tries to appease Florence with a kiss – she knows how he feels about her. Florence is unsure and doesn’t want to continue with the baby scheme. Reese implores her to stay on board. She’ll need to know how he ended up with the baby. Reese can’t tell her – it’s that bad. Florence insists on hearing the truth. Reese reveals he was the only one in the Catalina clinic until the two patients came in – that’s when the thugs wanting money called to threaten Zoe. He recalls there was a young woman who gave birth to a stillborn baby and flashes to the woman who left the clinic in the storm. Florence asks what that has to do with the baby in the room. Reese relays the other patient was in active labor too – she lost consciousness. He reminds Flo he was thinking about his daughter, and admits that after he delivered the baby girl, it hit him that Taylor and her daughter wanted to adopt – it was a solution to get the money to keep Zoe safe. He recounts lying to the father and mother and putting the stillborn baby in her arms. Flo gasps, “You switched the babies?” She asks for the baby’s mother’s name. Reese says, “Hope.” She will never know her baby is alive…

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At the cliff house, taylor kelly steffy adoption talkTaylor seeks to ensure if Steffy is truly prepared to raise two girls so close in age. Steffy wants this, for Kelly, especially now that she lost her sister, Beth. She reflects on missing Phoebe and Taylor muses they have an unbreakable bond. They agree it’s important to tell Kelly about Beth and keep her memory alive. Steffy relays that Liam’s supportive of the adoption idea, but she doesn’t know how Hope would feel. She’s worried about the timing. Taylor knows it will take Hope a long time to heal. Steffy fears the adoptive baby would be a constant reminder of Beth.

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