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At the beach house, Wyatt assures Sally he knows she didn’t think the puppy could replace a baby. He urges her to stop beating herself up – she was just trying to help, and Hope and Liam understand that. Wyatt’s proud of her, and impressed – she takes chances and follows her instincts. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows her own mind. They kiss and Wyatt sally wyatt kiss beach houselies her down on the bed. After sex, they eat ice cream in bed and banter. Wyatt turns serious – he loves seeing Sally smiling. They both feel blessed and promise to remember how fortunate they are no matter what they’re going through. Wyatt falls more in love with her every day. They kiss.

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In the cabin, Hope concedes that Sally was trying to do something sweet. Liam agrees; everyone wants to help, but don’t know what to do. Hope regrets the way she reacted, but it set something off inside her, like it was tearing her apart. She’s scared she won’t be able to get past this. Liam promises it won’t always be this way and urges her to take it one step at a time – she took a big one today letting Sally and Wyatt come over. She worries she shouldn’t have. He warns they can’t shut out the world. Liam suggests they make a deal – she can lean on him as much as she needs, and he’ll never pretend to understand what she’s going through –hope liam beautiful she knew Beth in a way he never will. He has a hole in his heart, however, and muses that losing Beth has changed them forever. It’s scary, but also beautiful…she’ll remind them there’s nothing they can’t do when they’re together. Hope can see he’s trying to be strong for her; she loves him for it. Liam vows the pain won’t overwhelm them, they won’t let it because Beth wouldn’t want them to. He states they still have each other and a future to build – there will be joy and maybe another child – they’ll be together forever. Hope’s not ready for that conversation; it feels like he’s asking her to let Beth go. She still feels her there and cries that her baby is gone.

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In their bedroom, Katie canoodles with Thorne and thanks him for understanding about Will wanting to stay overnight at Bill’s again…she knows Bill’s re-emergence into their lives hasn’t been easy for him. Thorne muses that Will must be enjoying Bill’s attention and points out Katie seems to like the new and improved version of her ex as well. Katie thinks they all like him better now, but doesn’t know if it will last.thorne katie in bed Thorne knows how difficult it was for her to be at odds with him. He reiterates he’ll always be there for her and Will. Katie assures Thorne that Will loves him too. Thorne’s relieved they are all getting along, but Katie knows it’s difficult for him. Thorne muses that love’s a risk, but he doesn’t regret opening his heart to her and being part of her family. They kiss. After sex, Thorne tells Katie he’ll never take their life together for granted. He muses about losing Darla and Ally. All the promises in the world couldn’t stop what happened – he’s finally found another woman he wants a future with. Katie assures him he won’t lose her.

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