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At the cliff house, Steffy mulls over the realization that with this adoption, she could give Kelly her very own Phoebe. Taylor tears up over the idea that Steffy could change both of the little girls’ lives forever. Steffy has to talk to Liam before she can even consider it – it would have to wait if he wasn’t on board.

At Reese’s place, Florence worry reeseFlorence asks about the baby’s real mother – was she someone who would have scared Taylor off? Reese confirms it. Florence worries he’s in trouble as Reese looks at a photo of Zoe, and thinks it has something to do with the baby. She wants to help. Reese assures her she already has – if she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’ll see how big a tipper he can be. He insists they’re doing something good for Taylor and her daughter. Flo reasons it won’t hurt their bank accounts either. Reese agrees, it’s win/win.

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In the cabin, Wyatt embraces Liam and talks about wanting to do something for him. Liam says he did – he’s there. Liam puzzles over the loss of the baby; he understands medically, but wonders why them, why Hope, why Beth?

At Spencer Publications, Bill’s thrilled when Will arrives, saying his mom dropped him off. The boy produces an origami made out of a 100-dollar bill. He relays he folded a bunch for the school fundraiser out of one-dollar bills and sold them for three dollars each. Bill’s impressed and adviseswill bill impressed if Will wants to make profit for himself to sell them for five. Bill notes Will’s visit has cheered him up. Will returns the sentiment – he’s had girl troubles. The girl he likes calls him ‘Moneybags’. Bill thinks it’s a compliment but ensures Will knows life’s about people too, not just stuff. Over lunch they discuss Thorne. Will reports he’s a really nice guy, but as Bill says, nice guys finish last. Bill’s pleased he listens, then is taken aback when Will announces he misses being a family and asks if that will ever happen again. Bill explains they’re still a family and he will always love him. Will thanks Bill for being his dad – he’s taught him a lot. Bill says Will’s taught him more.

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Liam arrives at the cliff house and Steffy assures him she doesn’t want to add to his pain. She explains something’s come up and recaps wanting Kelly to have a sister, who she thought would be Beth. She relays that an adoption opportunity has come up unexpectedly. She won’t do it if Liam and Hope object, and wanted to ask before falling in love with the child. Liam doesn’t want to deprive Kelly of a sister – he’s good with it. Steffy hugs him. She asks if he’d like to be involved and meet the baby. He would. Steffy, like Taylor, get the feeling these girls were meant to be sisters. Elsewhere, Taylor calls Reese to update him that Steffy’s interested. Reese promises to answer their questions, but believes once she sees the baby, she’ll want to take her home.

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