taylor urges steffy to adopt

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At Reese’s place, Taylor tells him and Florence she’ll talk to Steffy about the baby. Reese hopes to hear from her soon. When he’s putting the baby down, Taylor asks Florence how she found Reese. The woman says she got his name when looking into private adoption. She asks what Steffy’s like. Taylor says she’s grounded, strong-willed and independent. Once Taylor’s gone, Florence asks Reese, “How did I do?” He warns the more she says the greater risk of her getting things wrong, but he concedes she pulled it off. As they chat, it’s revealed she’s a craps dealer at a casino and he’s her best tipper. She wonders if she’ll see more of him, but he’s not sure how much longer he’ll be in L.A. Florence asks about his interest in Taylor and wants to know what’s going on.reese florence He’s evasive. She suggests they take a getaway after the baby he has is relocated; maybe to Catalina. Reese doesn’t want to return there – he worked at a clinic there and it didn’t end well – he had to make a tough decision; a gamble. Talk turns to getting paperwork for the baby. Florence asks if he’s in trouble and points out he has a baby that’s not his with no papers for her. Reese asks her to trust him. Suddenly, a thug, (played by Guy Nardulli), calls and warns Reese about paying up. “I’ve got my orders, you’ve got yours.”

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Xander and Zoe canoodle in the Forrester Creations studio.xander zoe falling in love again He likes the new version of them and feels he understood what happened in London a little better now – he thinks she has a fear of abandonment due to her father’s issues. Xander is glad she and her dad are trying to reconnect. Zoe muses that she’s thinking of getting a bigger place so they can live together, but recalls he asked her not to stop by his place yesterday. She hopes he’s not in trouble. When she talks about making an offer of money, Xander reflects she’s still the wise, generous girl he fell for, and he’s falling in love all over again.

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Taylor arrives at Steffy’s house with incredible news – she met a woman who’s giving up her little girl for adoption and thinks Steffy may want to meet her too. Taylor thinks the woman seemed honest and healthy and relays it would be a private adoption through her colleague. She feels this is the waysteffy gets stunning news for Steffy to have the sister for Kelly that she’s wanted so badly. Steffy worries about the timing, then recalls that Liam brought up adoption while visiting – he knows his loss is their loss. Taylor urges Steffy not to pass up this opportunity. She takes a call from Reese, who reminds her not to mention his name and warns they’ll need to move quickly. He feels the baby belongs with Taylor and Steffy. Taylor disconnects. She knows Steffy wants Kelly to have the bond she shared with Phoebe. Steffy would name the baby Phoebe. Taylor feels if she meets the baby she’ll fall in love with her – it’s like she was meant to be Kelly’s sister.

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