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At Reese’s place, Taylor wants to know where he got the baby from. He assures her it’s nothing to be alarmed about. A woman emerges from another room and introduces herself as Florence, (played by Katrina Bowden). She explains Dr. Buckingham is holding her baby. Florence is from Vegas and she contacted Buckingham through an agency – she’s putting her baby up for adoption if she can find the right home for her. The woman goes on that the father knows baby for adoptionand doesn’t want anything to do with her or the baby. She felt desperate and needs the money. Reese refers to Taylor’s daughter’s situation, and Taylor asks if Steffy could adopt this baby. Reese explains when Florence reached out, he thought he could help her and Steffy – if all parties agree. Taylor will talk to Steffy. Reese warns to leave his name out of it due to what happened on Catalina. She agrees.

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In the cabin, Hope tells her mother she feels crushed by this weight on her heart. Brooke says Beth will always be a part of her. Hope doesn’t understand how she could lose her baby. Brooke urges her daughter to lean on people – a support group might be a good idea. Hope understands, but just wants to hold her little girl.brooke comforts hope She muses that she went for a walk – the sun was shining and to everyone else it was just a normal day. Brooke clucks that Hope’s still in shock. Hope thought she might find some peace outside, but she didn’t feel Beth looking down on her. She questions if she’s being foolish, searching for Beth’s spirit in the cloud and trees. Brooke insists she’ll find her in her heart and dreams. Hope just wants to know she’s alright and feel some sort of connection to her again. Brooke comforts Hope, as Hope notes that’s what mothers do for their babies. Brooke soothes that Beth will always know Hope loves her.

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Steffy’s surprised to see Liam at the cliff house and asks if something happened. He’s just having a hard day and trying to keep it together – he’d like to see Kelly. He relays that Hope urged him to get out of the house. Steffy reassures him and won’t push him to talk. Liam thinks if he holds Kelly he’ll be able to breathe again,steffy visit with liam but feels bad for Hope. He’s trying to be strong for her but it’s crippling and there’s not a thing anyone can do to take the pain away. They discuss Kelly losing her half-sister, Liam knows Steffy wanted them to be close – he believes they would have worked through the stuff with Taylor. Talk turns to adoption. Liam acknowledges it’s the only way for Kelly to have a sister now. Steffy balks at discussing it now, but when he pushes, she admits she was serious about it. Steffy has no idea when it would happen. Steffy brings Kelly out and Liam takes her. He gushes that she’s so pretty and he loves her so much. He chokes up saying she has her whole life ahead of her and that her sister will be watching over her.

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