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At the Forrester mansion, Sally checks in with Wyatt and points out he lost his niece. Across the room, Katie and Donna tell Brooke they’re there for her. Steffy approaches Liam and Hope. She assures Hope that if she needs anything – even a walk on the beach – she’s there. Hope might actually take her up on that. Maya chats with Xander as Zoe approaches Brooke to let her know her father feels terrible and passes along his condolences. Brooke comforted by katie donnaBrooke appreciates that, but still doesn’t fully understand what happened; she wants to have a conversation with Reese at some point. By the terrace, Taylor talks to Steffy until Liam approaches. Steffy asks if he needs anything. Liam just needs her to take care of Kelly – he may want to see her a little more. When he sadly adds he doesn’t know what he’ll do without Beth, Steffy hugs him. After, he talks about being blindsided, and Steffy assures him one day he’ll be grateful for the memories of Beth, however brief.

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Elsewhere in the Forrester living room, Hope shares her pain with Brooke, Katie, and Donna, who will help her get through this. Taylor joins them to say again how sorry she is, and Brooke walks her to the door. She thanks her for being there – they all appreciated it. Taylor gets choked up over the unspeakable loss. They embrace. Wyatt tells Liam he loves him and is there for him. Sally chimes in that they’ll have Hope and Liam over when they’re ready. They leave, and Hope and Liam connect with Maya, who tells Hope how many people love her, including her and Rick, who is sick over this. In the corner, Xander learns Zoe is still concerned about her father, who is taking the death of Hope’s baby hard. Xander says he’s lucky to have her…and so is he. Once everyone’s gone, Hope tells Brooke and Liam that the gathering helped – she found some strength and hopes it will stick. Hope cries – she misses Beth and wanted to know her so badly. Liam vows they’ll move on and Beth will be a part of that – she’s their future child’s big sister. Hope sobs, “Why did we have to lose our baby girl?”

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At Reese’s place, he flashes to Taylor saying she can’t remember when someonereese phones taylor last looked at her that way or held her. He takes a call from Taylor – he’ll see her soon. Reese is gambling on his cellphone when Taylor arrives. They discuss the sad gathering at the Forrester mansion. He asks about Hope, Liam, and Steffy. She asks how he’s coping – she knows he’s still struggling with what happened. Reese wishes he could have done more. Taylor feels he did the best he could under the circumstances. Reese confirms it had a profound effect on him – that little girl was so wanted – it’s just so sad. Taylor assures him she’s there for him. They embrace.

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