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At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor discuss going to Eric’s to be supportive. Taylor’s surprised Brooke invited her, but Steffy is less so – they’re all feeling Hope and Liam’s terrible loss. Steffy almost feels guilty having Kelly and being so blessed. The nanny arrives and Steffy worries to Taylor, “What am I going to say to him, Mom? What am I going to say to Liam…and Hope?”

In the Forrester Creations studio, Xander and Zoe prepare to go to Eric’s house for Hope and Liam. She notes the baby is being cremated. Xander thinks she seems off and asks if she’s okay. Zoe’s just worried about her dad.

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In his apartment, Reese flashes to Hope’s delivery on Catalina Island and looks grim. He calls Zoe, who remarks that she may stop by later. Reese blurts, “No, no, that’s a bad idea.” She mentions going to see Hope and Liam, and Reese won’t be attending under the circumstances. Zoe advises him not to feel guilty; he did everything he could.

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Liam reassure Hope that the family will know how difficult this is for her. Eric appears and Liam thanks him for opening up his home. Eric ruminates that challenging times are when we need family the most. He and Quinn want to take care of them any way they can. eric comforts BrookeEric knows it hasn’t been easy for Brooke either and embraces her. Elsewhere, Pam tells Quinn she will never understand this. Nearby, Katie, with Donna, gives Hope a drawing from Will that shows Beth in heaven. Hope cries. By the terrace, Maya reflects with concern to Ridge about the tragedy. Wyatt, Sally, and Bill arrive, and they each hug Liam, who says it means a lot that they’re all there. Bill tells Liam that Beth will always be a part of this family, and a part of Liam. Liam tearfully replies, “A part of you too – you lost a granddaughter. I’m sorry.” Bill assures him there’s nothing to be sorry about. Bill then finds Brooke sitting alone and places his arm on his back. She wanted the baby for Hope and Liam so much. At the door, Ridge greets Steffy and Taylor. Hope and Liam approach Steffy as everyone gathers around. Steffy says, “I’m so very, very sorry.” Hope asks about Kelly’s fever. Steffy regrets calling Liam that night – otherwise he’d have been with Hope. She cries that she’ll help Hope through this; she’s so sorry. They embrace. After, Brooke watches Taylor hug Hope, who updates her mother that she gave her contact information for a support group and grief counselor. Taylor takes a call from Reese as Zoe and Xander enter. He wants to see her. Taylor assures him he’s not to blame and will call him after. Brooke speaks to Bridget by phone, and Katie invites Bill to stop by and see Will. Bill assures Katie that Hope and Liam will make it through. Elsewhere, Taylor acknowledges Brooke’s pain and the tremendous loss and rubs her arm. Brooke just has to belief Hope’s faith and strength will pull her through. Liam thanks everyone for coming and Hope, holding the ultrasound photo, sobs as she talks about Beth. She still feels her presence all around her. “Liam and I love you so much, baby girl. We will love and cherish you forever.”

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