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At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy wonder if Hope’s had the baby yet. Steffy hasn’t heard from Liam and muses that maybe the cell tower is down. Ridge arrives, and Steffy asks if he’s spoken to Liam and asks about Hope. Ridge relays Hope was alone for most of the time. Steffy asks if she’s okay. Ridge says she will be eventually. He reveals the baby’s name was Beth, and she didn’t make it. Steffy and Taylor are stunned.steffy taylor ridge bad news Steffy wants to go see Hope, but Ridge feels she’d love that, but not today. Steffy reflects on what they’re going through. Taylor asks Ridge to tell Brooke and Hope they’re in her prayers. Once he leaves, Steffy and Taylor feel bad for Hope – the loss will affect them all for a very long time. Steffy knows Hope must feel so broken-hearted.

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At the cabin, Brooke sets Hope’s bag down. Hope and Liam enter behind her, and Hope notices that everything is just as they left it, though everything’s changed. Liam offers Hope food, but she declines. She picks up a baby girl picture frame from Emma and fondles the bassinet. Liam worries he should take some of the baby things out as Hope holds a little pink dress. He gathers up some items, but Hope doesn’t want them thrown away. Brooke agrees to call Hope’s siblings, then leaves to make dinner. Hope says, “I love you, Mom,” as she exits. Liam rubs Hope’s back and offers pain pills. Hope doesn’t want a pill. She can still feel the baby. Liam tears up. “Maybe she just wasn’t ready.” Hope replies, “Maybe she was too good for this world.” They cry, and question ‘why?’. Liam feels some day they’ll have another child. They express their love. In the main house, Ridge shares his visit to Steffy and Taylor with Brooke, who can’t stand Hope blaming herself. Ridge feels maybe in a while they can try again. Brooke cries over the loss. Ridge holds her.

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At Forrester Creations studio, Reese beats himself up about the fate of Hope’s baby. Zoe assures him there was nothing he could do and urges him to go home and lie down. Reese complains every time he closes his eyes, he’ll relive the worst night of his life. The doctor recounts the night as Zoe points out what went wrong was inside of Hope – what does he think he could have done differently? zoe reese move in She wonders if he’s concerned there will be a malpractice suit. Reese says you never know, and suddenly suggests she ask Xander to move in with her so she’s not alone. Zoe can’t understand why he’s so jumpy. Her father hugs her – he just wanted to see her and tell her how much he loves her. Zoe remains concerned. Outside, Reese encounters the goon and warns him to stay away from his daughter. The goon grabs him – he makes the rules. Reese assures him he’ll get the $200,000 in a week or less, but only if he leaves Zoe out of it. The thug says he doesn’t set the terms.

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