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In the clinic on Catalina Island, Hope tells Liam she can see Beth when she closes her eyes. He can too. Hope wonders when the memories will fade, and they recall she had a birthmark on her left leg. Brooke arrives, followed by Ridge and Bill, and embraces Hope before asking to see the baby. Bill chortles about the newest Spencer. Hope asks to speak to her mom alone. hope liam dejectedLiam takes the men outside. Dr. Buckingham appears briefly before leaving Brooke and Hope on their own. Hope tells Brooke that Beth is gone. They both sob as Brooke says she’s so sorry and urges Hope to let it out. After, Hope relays to Brooke that she had a placental rupture, according to the doctor, and explains that she passed out. She cries, “I had one job to do and I failed.” Brooke pleads, “Don’t say that.” Brooke’s heard of placental abruption and there’s nothing she could have done – she should not blame herself. Hope wails, “Why Beth? Why?” Brooke holds her again. Hope worries it happened because she named the baby before she was born. Brooke assures her it’s not the case. Hope laments not staying in Los Angeles, and Brooke repeats she did nothing wrong. Hope tells Brooke that she got to hold her beautiful baby – she tried to give her all her love, but she’ll never know. Brookes soothes, “She’ll know. Trust me.”

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Outside Hope’s room at the clinic, Liam breaks the bad news about Beth to Ridge and Bill. Liam breaks down in Bill’s arms. Liam can’t understand why this happened to Hope, who radiates goodness. Ridge interjects and Bill counsels Liam to grieve alongside his wife. Buckingham interrupts with paperwork for Liam to sign. Liam shouts, “What happened? Everything was fine?” He demands to know what happened to his little girl in there. Bill pressures the doctor as well. Buckingham explains the placenta separated from the womb. Liam asks if something caused it. The doctor reveals it’s not preventable, and says Hope’s OB/GYN can give more information. He’s a father himself and is terribly sorry.liam cry goodbye The men rejoin Hope and Brooke – they’re all in this together. Hope wants to go home. Liam assures her they will get through this together, and by leaning on the people who care about them. He reflects that Beth’s not coming home, but they are – life moves on. Hope notes one life isn’t. Liam asks everyone to join hands and says, “Beth, I’m your dad. This is your mom.” He expresses how loved Beth is by everyone in the room. Hope knows Beth is there watching and promises not a day will go by without thinking of her. She feels her spirit so strong; she will always be a part of her. Hope breaks down as she says, “Mommy loves you.”

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