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At Forrester Creations, Bill gets off the phone and angrily informs Ridge that he may try a boat after all. Brooke just hopes Liam makes it to the island in time – Hope may already have had her baby. Bill gets back on the phone and barks, “No, not tomorrow, tonight!” He disconnects and asks, “Don’t suppose anyone wants to kayak?” Brooke will do anything to get to her daughter; bill ridge brooke worryshe feels helpless. Bill and Brooke try unsuccessfully to reach Liam and Hope. Ridge assures Brooke that everything is fine, and Hope will make a great mom – she learned from the best. Bill gets word that flights are back up, and he can get a helicopter to take them to Catalina Island. Ridge thanks him. Brooke beams thinking of Hope and her granddaughter.

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At the clinic, Hope comes to with bleary vision and calls for the doctor. Liam appears and Hope’s glad he’s there and asks about Beth. Liam confirms she had the baby. Hope muses she must have passed out, she didn’t even see her. Liam relays he arrived a few minutes after the birth – Dr. Buckingham filled him in on how brave she was. Hope recalls it was scary with the power outage, but none of that matters now – they have their daughter. liam hope braveShe remembers pushing…then darkness. Hope presumes Beth is beautiful and asks if Liam has seen her. He says he did, briefly, after talking to the doctor, and describes her as a little angel. Hope wants to see her. Liam explains he asked the doctor for a few minutes alone with Hope first. Hope feels so lucky to have him after all they’ve been through. She suggests ‘Avalon’ as Beth’s middle name; for the city she was born in. Liam agrees. Hope’s ready to see her, to hold her. Liam looks distraught. He talks about how brave Hope has been and she should celebrate what she did; he assures her they’re in this together. Hope knows there will be tough times, but they’ll help one another. Liam cryptically warns they’ll need to step up for each other if they’re both weak.hope begins to panic Hope asks again to see Beth and begins to panic as Liam tears up. She pleads to see her and asks repeatedly, “Where is she?” Liam tries to calm her, then breaks the news that Beth didn’t make it. Hope cries in disbelief and protests that she’s fine; she needs to see her. Liam will bring her to Hope, but warns she must be prepared. Hope screams for Dr. Buckingham and he appears with the baby. Hope holds the bundle and sobs that she needs her mommy. Buckingham says it was a placental abruption, then exits. Hope sobs in anguish over her baby, and Liam holds his wife, looking devastated.

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